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Monday, 14 December 2015 11:47

30 Home Decorating Tips For After You Move


Moving to a new home? Need to spruce up your home for a showing? Or does your home décor simply need a change? We have collected 30 decorating tips to help your home look its best.

      1. When purchasing a coffee table, make sure it is at the height of your sofa cushion, if not then 1-2” shorter is just fine.
      2. Having trouble sleeping? Pick neutral colors for your bedroom to promote better sleep.
      3. When hanging your curtains, make sure they go all the way down to the ground to give the illusion of larger windows.
      4. Is your closet missing something? Hang a curtain in front of it to give it some zest.
      5. Have trouble making décor decisions? Make furniture shopping easy by choosing neutral paint colors.
      6. Stick with the same theme throughout the main areas of the house.
      7. Small or no windows? Want to open up that space? Paint the room a little bit lighter color.
      8. To make the space more personal, utilize sentimental pieces in your decorating scheme.
      9. In your family room, comfort comes first and elegance comes second.
      10. Want a trendy and modern feel for your home? Use a neutral pallet for your house with pops of colors.
      11. Allow in as much natural light as possible to open up your room and lift your mood instantly.
      12. Set the tone of your home with a boldly painted front door.
      13. Make your furniture encourage conversation. A “U” shape or “H” shape keeps the room interactive and inviting.
      14. Create a sense of height by painting your baseboards the same color as your walls.
      15. Add a mirror to your room and give the illusion of openness to your space.
      16. Give a light and airy feel to your rooms with couches and tables that have legs and transparent space beneath.
      17. Tired of that old chair? Slip over a new cover and make the old, new again.
      18. Don't forget to utilize shelves to save space and give a room a sense of organization.
      19. Scale your couch to the size of your room. A big couch in a small room will make it feel even smaller.
      20. Cut photo frame templates out of removable contact paper and pre-arrange your gallery before drilling holes in the wall.
      21. When redecorating, don't forget about your vinyl and laminate floors.
      22. Get it right the first time. Use a tape measure to locate exactly where to drill or hammer.
      23. Paint the inside of your door for a fun and subtle pop of color.
      24. Dress up your windows with jute rope to add a rustic feel.
      25. Having trouble hanging your wreath? Place it on an up-side down Command hook on the back of the door for more leverage.
      26. Got Wi-Fi? Tired of seeing all the unsightly routers and cords? Use a hollowed-out book to hide the unsightly router.
      27. Use your old rhinestone necklaces you don’t wear anymore to make curtain tiebacks for a bohemian look.
      28. A tea dispenser is a perfect way to make that clunky laundry detergent bottle easy on the eye.
      29. Rug sliding? No need for a rug pad. Add strips of caulk on the bottom to create a gripped rug.
      30. Want to add a little glam to your bathroom? Add a fun frame to your mirror.

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