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How to Accurately Vet Denver Moving Companies

Why It's Important To Vet Denver Moving Companies

Do you have an upcoming move approaching soon? Get ahead of the curve by checking out movers and different types of moving services to help with your relocation. Those services will streamline your entire move, especially if you’ll be moving during the busy summer season.

That said, not every moving company is the same. There are a few essential things that you’ll want to closely evaluate as you compare movers. These things will help you navigate through the process of vetting and getting moving quotes and estimates, so you can ultimately decide whether or not a certain company offers exactly what you need.

1. Check the Company Credentials

Licensed moving companies have to register for a USDOT number. Looking up this number on the FMCSA website can give you a wealth of information, such as safety records, crash reports, and more. Reputable moving companies will usually clearly list their USDOT number on their website.

2. Know the Insurance Rate

By law, professional moving companies have to supply a basic level of free coverage for your possessions. But getting additional coverage will only make your moving day (and your possessions) more secure. You’ll want to find out what a given moving company is offering in terms of more premium coverage options.

3. Research Complaints

It’s important to check how your movers handle claims and complaints. It may be best to search through public customer reviews on places like Google or the BBB. Check out the movers’ social media platforms too. Do they seem responsive to complaints? Do they handle claims in a timely manner? This will give you some insight into common complaints that a company receives and what kind of customer service they offer.

4. Limit Additional Fees

Find out upfront exactly when and where any and all possible additional fees might come into play. Reputable moving companies will list out every fee in their quotes, so you won’t be surprised on moving day. Be sure to walk away from any quote that can’t be guaranteed or fails to mention certain fees.

5. Cancellation Policies

Anything can happen at any time and that includes on moving day. It’s best to be prepared for anything. Make sure your movers outline clear rules around deposits, refunds, and cancellations so you’ll know where you stand before you book your move.

6. Get a Sense of the Payment Method

Sometimes moving companies will require you to pay for part of the move at pick-up and the remaining balance on delivery. If you’re required to pay anything upfront, always get a receipt because the people who pick up your stuff may not be the same movers who deliver it.

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