Monday, 10 October 2016 14:42

Checklist for Moving Out-of-State

  • Find a new place - Not to state the obvious, but when moving out of state, don’t wing it. It’s not a good idea to assume it will be easy to find a new place to live.
  • Temporary storage - In some cases, you may find yourself in a position where your new place isn’t available when you have to be out of your old one. In that instance, it is a good idea to have temporary storage for all your belongings.
  • Schedule a mover - Moving companies get booked up quickly and moving out-of-state can take several days to a week, depending on how far you’re going. Book early. Extra hands and tools are very nice to have when your cross-state move is time-sensitive.
  • Utilities / TV and Internet Services – Schedule service in your new place ahead of time. Let your current providers know that you are heading out so they can shut off service on a specified day. Some providers offer their services in other states so you may be able to transfer your account. Find all the needed local vendors—water, electric, cable, internet, trash removal, so you don’t go without services upon arrival.
  • Banking - If you currently use a local bank, consider switching to a bank in the area you are moving. If you don’t, it may become a hassle. You may incur extra costs when trying to transfer and deposit monies into an account in a different state.
  • Health Office Transfer - Research the area you’re moving to for a new doctor, dentist, and vet if you have a pet. Send records and insurance documents ahead of the move. You don't need an emergency to arise without your required records and insurance information.
  • Change Of Address Notifications:
    • IRS - Fix your address while filing a tax return (IRS Form 8822), but it is important to get this switched for tax refunds and IRS correspondence.
    • SSA - Changing your address for SSA is important if you are receiving social security benefits.
    • DMV - Update your car registration and driver’s license with your new address.
    • State Election Offices - To continue your civic duties, be sure to register to vote in your new state.
    • USPS - Change your address to ensure your mail gets to your new address.
  • Car insurance – Your car insurance rates may change in your new state. And as state laws vary on required insurance, you should review your coverage.
  • Budget for tax differences - Some states don’t have a state income tax but have higher city and state sales taxes. You’ll need to allow the tax increase in your budget for your new location.
  • School records for your kids - Finding a new school for your kids can be tough. Once you do decide, make sure to forward old school transcripts and other records for class placement and other record keeping purposes.

There you have it, our comprehensive list for the administrative side of making the big out-of-state move. Contact Amazing Moves today for the best Denver Movers around.