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A 10-Step Checklist For Moving In Boulder

Boulder is definitely one of the most incredible cities in Colorado. From the outdoor activities to the terrific quality of life, it’s easy to see why so many people flock here on a daily basis. Whether you’re moving to Boulder or moving elsewhere within this great city, you need to be fully prepared for your move. As you start to get things organized for your move, there are plenty of things that you need to do. Use our 10-step checklist to make your process of moving in Boulder easier, simpler, and more successful.

1. Develop Your Own Master Checklist

In the weeks and months leading up to your move, you have no shortage of tasks to complete. You’ll need to organize a garage sale, pack up your things, notify your close friends, transfer your prescriptions, and take care of a million other things.

Moving will almost always feel a little overwhelming and it can be hard to keep track of everything. You should start out the moving process by making a master checklist of all the things you need to do! Every move is different, so your master checklist should be personalized to your individual moving needs. There are some great moving templates available online that can help you thoroughly build your master checklist. Download one today to get your move off to a great start!

2. Determine Your Moving And Storage Needs

You’re not superman. There is absolutely no way that you can move all of your possessions in a single day on your own. You will have to enlist the help of others to ensure your move goes off without a hitch. We’d recommend that you first take the time to figure out:

  • The total inventory of your move.
  • The timeline of your move.
  • Your estimated moving budget.

Depending on the size of your move, your timeline, your capabilities, and total belongings, you might be able to move homes with the help of a few friends. It’s also highly possible that you’ll need to hire professional movers to assist your move. Take the time now to figure out your moving line-up so you’re fully prepared in the near future.

If you’re moving in Boulder, you might be downsizing in terms of home storage space. You could have a surplus of possessions that won’t be able to fit into your new home. In this case, you might want to consider storage options to temporarily house your possessions. Many moving companies in Boulder also offer storage services, which could greatly benefit your move.

3. Schedule Your Move

Now that you have a good idea of your moving logistics, it’s time to set the pieces in place. You will need to officially schedule your move and get it on the books. By now, you’ve most likely researched a handful of Boulder moving companies to support your move. Try to narrow down your selection and take the step to finally schedule your movers.

You’ll need to select a definitive moving date. You have plenty of days to choose from, so you’ll need to keep a few things in mind as you select your move-in date.

  • The day, week, and month of your move-in date will affect the total cost of your move.
  • Moving costs will be higher during the peak moving season (May to September).
  • A weekend move will be more expensive than a weekday move.

If your moving budget is tight, we’d recommend you schedule your move for a weekday during the off-season months.

4. Notify Others Of Your Move

No one ever likes to say goodbye when they’re moving, but it’s something that you have to do. In the months and weeks leading up to your move, make sure you let all of your close friends and family know that you’re moving. Figure out the best ways to stay in touch and how you can still stay close to one another.

Those goodbyes will be difficult, but you can’t stop there. You will also have to notify a few other people and organizations that you’re moving in Boulder. Don’t forget to:

  • Update your forwarding address to avoid losing mail.
  • Give notice to your landlord (if you’re renting).
  • Transfer your prescriptions.
  • Contact the new local schools to begin the enrollment process.
  • Transfer your utilities to your new home.
  • Request time off from work for your move.

5. Start The Packing Process

Everyone dreads the thought of packing up their possessions. It’s the most tedious and laborious process of moving in Boulder. You should never procrastinate and leave your packing process until the last minute though! If you pack up all your things haphazardly, your possessions might break during transit.

We’d recommend that you start the packing process early and gradually pack your things in the weeks leading up to your move. Go one room at a time and start to separate out the possessions you’d like to donate or sell. This will help you incrementally prepare for your move.

While you pack up your things slowly, you should also put together a “moving survival kit.” This is basically a handy little pack to stow away all the things that you’ll need for your moving day. Fill it up with bed sheets, some fresh clothes, bathroom essentials, disposable dishes, and what a few other must-haves. This small little moving kit will help you avoid looking through moving boxes at the end of the moving day.

6. Confirm Your Moving Transportation

Whether you’ve decided to hire movers or rent a truck when you’re moving in Boulder, you’ll want to confirm everything far in advance to ensure a successful move. Take the time now to plan out your move thoroughly to avoid additional unnecessary trips or last-minute up-charges. You should confirm the total amount of belongings that you’ll be moving. Remember to make sure that your movers can handle all of your inventory on moving day.

Get all of the confirmations on the books now to keep things moving in the right direction.

7. Take Care Of Your Family’s Needs

When you’re moving to Boulder, you cannot forget about the needs of your loved ones. Moving is an incredibly stressful process that puts additional pressure on your kids and your pets. You should try to make the moving process as easy on your family as possible.

Consider booking a child care service for your moving day to keep your kids safe, happy, and worry-free. You could also try getting a pet sitter for the moving day as well to keep your pets safe and out of the way. You can, of course, move with your pets. You’ll just need to take certain precautions to minimize their stress.

As a side note, don’t forget to think about your houseplants too! They might not be part of the family, but the moving process can damage your plants some too. You can replace them when you move-in, just remember that new houseplants aren’t always cheap.

8. Clear Out The Kitchen

In the final weeks leading to your move, you’ll have to keep your groceries to a minimum. Any food that you don’t finish at your current house will have to come with you in your move. Try to only pick up the essentials at the grocery store and eat your way through your perishables. You don’t want to haul a bunch of half eaten unrefrigerated food around while you’re moving in Boulder.

9. Say Goodbye To Your Current Home

You’re in the final stretch of your moving process. It’s time to start wrapping up things at your current home and to hit the road towards your new life. In your final days at your current home, don’t forget to:

  • Thoroughly clean your old home before your move.
  • Take some final family photos in your favorite spots.
  • Pack up the last of your home essentials (e.g., kitchenware, bathroom supplies, etc.).
  • Finish any last minute errands (e.g., pick up dry cleaning, return borrowed items, etc.).
  • Take care of the trash removal and recycling.
  • Inspect the old home with the landlord and hand over your keys.

10. Move Into Your New Home

If you’ve followed your master checklist up to this point, then your move-in day should be a breeze. Just make sure you remember to transfer your utilities to your new home so that your family has a great first night in the new place.

Once you’ve finished moving to Boulder, all that’s left to do is unpack and customize your new home how you see fit! You still have plenty to do, but you should take it easy on that first night in the new place. Order some pizza and relax in your new living room with your family. You’ve earned it.

Make The Process Of Moving To Boulder Amazing

At Amazing Moves, we’ve helped countless families resettle in the Boulder area over the years. We have a detailed understanding of every little piece of the moving process. We know how to best make sure that your move to Boulder is a smooth and stress-free process. Our movers will do everything within our power to make your moving experience simply amazing.

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