Friday, 30 April 2021 15:25

5 Foolproof Ways to Compare Colorado Moving Companies

Thousands of people flock to Colorado every year to take advantage of the state’s lively cities, close proximity to the Rockies, and high quality of life. And truth be told, there’s no shortage of moving companies in Colorado that would be happy to assist you with your move. The question is: which moving company is best for you? And how do you accurately compare your options? Choosing a company at random can be costly. On today’s blog, we’re covering five foolproof ways to compare Colorado moving companies to ensure you hire a reputable and reliable mover.

1. Compare quotes

We don’t want to sound like Caption Obvious, but one of the first things you’ll want to do to compare various movers is to compare the quotes you gather. While online or over-the-phone quotes can give you a ballpark estimate, the most accurate estimates often require an in-person visit to your home.

Reputable moving companies will visit your home and conduct a visual inspection of your belongings to provide you the most accurate estimate possible. During their visit, your movers will look for items that may require special packaging or transporting, such as large furniture, pianos, antique items, grandfather clocks, pool tables, etc.

In addition to inspecting the items you’ll be moving, your movers will also start planning out the logistics of your move and account for any potential problems that could arise on moving day, such as narrow staircases, small doorways, long flights of stairs, or even worse, a non-operational elevator.

Once you’ve collected your quotes, now it’s time to really start narrowing down potential service providers.

2. Compare moving rates

Cost is obviously one of the most important deciding factors when hiring movers. While we understand that you want to save money and pay as little as possible, be wary of unusually low moving rates.

If there are any estimates that seem too good to be true, they probably are. And unfortunately, moving scammers are more common than we’d all like to believe.

Often, if you’re moving locally, the cost of your move will be calculated on an hourly basis. If you’re moving cross-country or long-distance, the price is often fixed and calculated on the moving distance, the total weight of your belongings, and any additional services you require, such as short- or long-term storage.

While you’ll likely lean towards the cheapest option available, your comparative analysis is far from over. There’s a lot more that needs to be considered first.

3. Compare offered services

When comparing Colorado moving companies, it’s important to take a close look at any additional services each mover offers. Here at Amazing Moves, for instance, we also offer packing/unpacking services which include the disassembly and reassembly of large furniture and temporary storage services.

These services are not offered by every mover, so be sure to really read through the entirety of your estimate and what is (and isn’t) included.

4. Compare company reviews

Comparing quotes and services alone often isn’t enough to truly identify the right mover. Things might look good on paper, but be sure to spend some time seeing what previous customers had to say about the moving companies you’re considering.

Although on-site testimonials can paint a pretty picture, they’re often cherry-picked to highlight only the happiest customers. To get a clear idea of the typical customer experience, you must read reviews on third-party sites like Google and the Better Business Bureau.

5. Compare customer service

Last—but certainly not least—you’ll want to compare the customer service and overall professionalism of each moving company you’re considering. Were the movers responsive after your initial outreach? Were they able to answer all of your questions? Were they respectful and professional during their in-home estimate? These are all questions you’ll want to ask yourself before making a final decision.

Start comparing Colorado moving companies today

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