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The Complete Checklist For Moving In Denver

Whether you are a Colorado native or a transplant who has just begun considering a life in Denver, one factor remains the same: there is a lot that goes into a move and you want to be prepared. As leading providers of moving, packing, and storage services in the Denver area, we know a thing or two about the “dos” and “do nots” of moving in Denver. We’ve put together this exclusive guide to help you prepare for and execute your Denver move successfully.

1. Create A Master Checklist

When it comes to moving in Denver, we know it can feel a little overwhelming with different tasks popping into your mind day in and day out. A checklist can be a very useful tool, whether you are moving from one downtown apartment to another or across the country. Creating a master checklist as the first item of business for your move will help you ensure that you don’t miss any essential steps in the process and can have a successful move out/move in process.

2. Decide Who Is Going To Help You

Depending on the size of your move, your timeline, capabilities, and belongings you may or may not want to enlist the help of friends or even professional packers and movers. Most services can be customized to your needs, whether that be packing the physical boxes or just unloading the truck. If you’re moving in Denver take careful inventory of your belongings and get quotes from trusted moving companies before you sign a contract. This can help you create a realistic budget for your move.

3. Determine Your Storage Needs

One very important aspect of moving in Denver that is often neglected until the last minute is the potential need for storage. In our rapidly growing metropolis, space can be limited! Be sure you know how much or little of your belongings will have a space in your new home and make accommodations for storage if necessary. You can check out our recommendations for storage service here.

4. Start The Packing Process

Packing is easily the most laborious, if not tedious, process of moving in Denver. Once you have an idea of your timeline and where your belongings will live in the foreseeable future, it’s time to start the dreaded process of packing. We recommend going room by room and doing a full-sweep with a keep/toss mindset before you put anything in a box. This will prevent you from packing and moving things you don’t actually need in your new home, as well as creating a natural flow for your to sort your belongings for storage and living spaces. Another thing to consider when you’re moving in Denver is putting together a moving “kit” so that you have everything you’ll need for the time spent in your current and new place when you’re belongings are packed.

5. Announce Your Move

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment complex or house that sees regular turnovers in tenancy, you know how often you get mail for people who no longer live at your address. More often than not, this includes more than one past resident. Prevent losing mail, deliveries, subscriptions and other important documents by updating your address and making changes through official lines of communication. One good way to ensure you don’t miss anything is to collect and save any mail your receive starting six-weeks prior to your move. You can cross check the mail you receive with your credit or debit card statements to ensure every outlet that relies on your current address gets updated information.

6. Confirm Movers and Trucks

Whether you decide to hire movers or rent a truck when you are moving in Denver, you want to confirm that all your “Is” are dotted and your “Ts” cross long in advance of your moving day. Identify the total amount of belongings you’ll be moving, now that you’ve begun packing, and use that information to confirm that you have an appropriate sized truck or number of movers for the project. This will help you avoid additional, unnecessary trips across town or last-minute up-charges that spur from poor planning.

7. Start Rationing Your Perishables

Your moving day will likely sneak up on you, so don’t forget to start working your way through perishable food items that will spoil in a move. Minimize your grocery lists to the bare necessities a few weeks prior to moving in Denver so you don’t have to worry about packing and moving a bunch of half eaten food or drinks.

8. Get Your Current Home Ready For Move Out

If you’re renting, request a cleaning checklist from your landlord or property management company to ensure that you meet all the expectations and avoid fines or cleaning fees. If you own your home, you’ll want to work with your real estate agent to make your home livable but minimalist while it’s on the market.

9. Get Your New Home Ready For Move In

Another thing that is commonly forgotten when you are moving in Denver is that everything is rarely ready to go in a new apartment or home. Don’t forget to pack cleaning supplies in your moving “kit” so that you can clean as necessary. Additionally, work with your local gas and electric company to get everything turned on a day or two before moving.

10. Unpack, Relax, and Feel At Home

The final thing you want to do to ensure a successful experience when moving in Denver is be ready to enjoy your new home! Even if everything is still packed away in boxes, you can order in a meal from an area favorite and relax after a long day of moving.

How The Pros Tackle Moving In Denver

We’ve performed countless moves between apartments, condos, and houses in the Denver area. We are well versed in the process and what it takes to make moving in Denver a seamless and stress-free experience. Let us share our expertise with you and request a quote from our expert team of Denver movers.