Wednesday, 15 November 2017 16:03

The Comprehensive Moving Checklist

Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, the list of things you need to do seems endless and you feel almost sure that you will miss something important. Not to worry – we've compiled a complete moving checklist to help you stay organized and make sure that the lights get turned on in your new place (before you get there).

So you've hired Denver's top movers, you've organized your boxes by room and hired a sitter for the kids on moving day, now what? Here's the step-by-step moving checklist you were thinking about making, so now you don't have to!

8 Weeks Out

If you have kids, you will need to select a school for them. Do some research on your new district and find the best option for your family. Don't forget to request transcripts from your current school so enrollment is a breeze.

Schedule a garage sale for all of those items that you will not be taking with you to your new home. This is a great way to narrow down how many boxes and what size of each you will need.

6 Weeks Out

Next on our moving checklist is to create an inventory list of your valuables and in which box they were packed. We recommend you pack a little each day and label what you packed – color coding helps you and your movers identify what needs to go where.

Additionally, make a copy of the floor plan of your new house. You can use this to mark what color boxes go to what room and even create a map for your movers of where your furniture goes.

If you are planning a long distance move, now is the time to get your cars serviced. Six weeks will give you plenty of time to get any necessary repairs done and avoid a break down during your move.

4 Weeks Out

With only one month before moving day, it's “go-time.” Now is the time to take care of the nitty gritty – the details that couldn't possibly make their way onto a moving checklist - return any library books or movie rentals, give notice to cancel your monthly memberships in your current area and get your prescriptions filled and prepared for transfer at your pharmacy. Next gather all of your legal and financial records together. You'll want to have things like birth certificates and tax records on your person when you move so they don't get lost.

Set up your utilities to turn on a few days before you move into your new house and to turn off at your current home. Schedule your cable, internet and phone services to be set up on move-in day. Lastly, you will want to schedule a locksmith to meet you at your new house to update your keys and locks for maximum security.

2 Weeks Out

Get in touch with the post office to update your address and have your mail forwarded. Change your address with your bank, your employer, and any other government offices that will need this information. You will also need to update subscriptions and online accounts like Amazon, as well as your car insurance and registration.

2 Days Out

Defrost your refrigerator and drain the water hoses that lead to your washing machine and ice maker. Empty the gas from grills or lawn mowers to ensure they don't leak.

Finally, put the finishing touches on your essentials box so you have everything you will need for the big day. Now, everything on your moving checklist should be crossed off and you're ready to go.

Before you know it, it will be moving day. With this comprehensive moving checklist, you'll have everything taken care of to help moving day go smoothly. Ready to hire a moving company? Check out our Denver movers and request an online estimate today.