Warmer weather is right around the corner and with springtime comes the urge to get organized. Our Denver movers have the best tips and tricks for getting your spring cleaning off on the right foot. In our Spring Cleaning series, we are sharing our favorite storage solutions that will keep you organized all year round. First up – the best kitchen storage ideas around.

If you're making the move to Denver, you are certainly not alone. Since 2010, there has been a marked increase in the population every year, bringing a total of nearly 100,000 new residents to the city over the last eight years. As the population continues to grow, so do housing options. And while housing options are growing in numbers, they are certainly decreasing in size. Micro-apartments have been popularized by the former Hotel VQ making 330-square-foot the norm at a monthly rent of $1,000. While your dollar may decrease in flexibility, your Denver storage solutions don't have to.

The holidays are over...ho-hum. Learn how to safely store your holiday decorations with these 24 tips.

    1. Did you like the way your decorations were arranged this year? Take a picture so you can do it again next year.
    2. Before you start packing your holiday decorations, declutter and throw away the decorations that you no longer want.
    3. Before purchasing storage containers, take inventory of how much you have to pack and then go buy containers.
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