Friday, 05 June 2015 06:41

Cool Housewarming Gift Ideas

Odds are, you know someone who is moving in Denver this summer. If you've been through a relocation, you're familiar with the amount of work, stress, and emotional upheaval the effort entails. You know what they are going through. Now's a good time to think about how to show your support with a great housewarming gift.

Gifts for the Day of the Move

DIY Dinner Kit

After a long, stressful, exhausting day of moving, a good meal is a welcome reward, but it's difficult to make dinner when you have little idea where all of your cooking supplies are. So, a wonderful housewarming gift is a DIY Dinner Kit. It is a box which contains absolutely everything they need to cook their first meal in their new home. Equally thoughtful would be a catered meal that is delivered complete with plates, cups, napkins and utensils.

Home Essentials

Another great idea for a house warming gift is a bucket of home essentials that might be easily over looked. Extension cords, picture hangers, goo-gone, furniture sliders, and a flashlight are just a few things that you could put together for the new homeowners that would make their unpacking and set-up process a whole lot easier, and get them settled faster.

Gifts for When They're Settled In

Thoughtful Item Replacement

For most folks, moving doesn't just involve packing, but also purging. In the fervor to pack, sometimes people discard things that later they wish they hadn't gotten rid of. Give your friend a month or two to get settled and then ask them which items, if any, they wish they still had. See if you can find a replacement for them. It's a thoughtful gift that shows you were paying attention and takes some of the sting out of their loss.

Custom Address Stamp

This personalized tool will help make thank you note writing a breeze. It's a useful novelty, and great for your friends who love to write handwritten notes.

USA Cities Print

For your friends who might be a tad bit homesick, USA cities prints are a great way to commemorate their time in their past place. These would be especially great to get in a set of two, the past city, and the present city, to document their journey.

A Bottle Opener

Preferably a strong one that does double duty: corkscrews and caps. Bring a bottle opener and a bottle of wine and the homeowners are sure to be thrilled.


You can never go wrong with a couple of nice candles. Not only will it bring a wonderful aroma and light into the house, but once the candle is used the container that it was in makes an excellent catch-all.

Moving is stressful and can be uncomfortable, these little gifts can help make a friend or family member's new home feel a little less foreign.