Monday, 20 June 2016 17:08

Decorating with Area Rugs

Rugs can make or break the design flow of a room, so it’s important to choose the right ones. Along with their aesthetic appeal, area rugs can add versatility to your style while protecting your floors. Here we will dive into each room racking up styling points using rugs while keeping them functional.

Placement of Rugs

No matter the size of the room an area rug ties everything together. The most ideal placement of an area rug places furniture groupings such as a couch, coffee table and side tables so that they all fit on the rug.

Large rugs ranging from 9'x12' to 11'x14, and larger will accommodate all the furniture without feeling claustrophobic. If you have a medium rug ranging from 6'x9' to 8'x10, the furniture grouping should at least be touching part of the rug with at least two legs. A small rug, 4'x6 or 5'x7', can be placed under the coffee table in the center of the furniture.

High-Traffic Hallway

High-traffic hallways are a good place to lay down runners to protect your floors. They will add a little design flair, and provide comfort underfoot. A runner typically is 2'6"x8' or 3'x5'. You can either place the rug directly down the center of the hallway or if you have a console table, the runner area rug should go down the opposite side of the hallway.

Kitchen Floor Coverage

Rug coverage in a kitchen can be vital to protect against wear and tear. A small rug in front of the sink helps catch water and prevent damage and offers a more comfortable place to stand while washing dishes. A 2'x4' rug will be enough coverage. Runner rugs (2'6"x8'or 3'x5') are perfect for a stylish, yet functional addition to your kitchen as well.

Dining Room Design

Dining rooms can get tricky because chairs can get caught on rugs. Use an 8'x10, 9'x12' or larger rug that can fit the entire table and all chairs within its perimeter. The rug should be large enough to accommodate all the chairs even when they are pulled out, so as not to trip someone.

Showcase your Bedroom

Your bedroom rug should showcase the main elements of your room. An area rug should extend at least 36" from the perimeter of your mattress giving it emphasis. An 8'x10' area rug works perfectly for a queen sized bed and a 9'x12' for a king sized bed. A rug should be placed directly under the bottom of your pillows, where the top legs of your frame are directly on the floor. Another savvy way to decorate your bedroom space is with area rug runners (2'6"x8' or 3'x5') along the left and right side of your bed.

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