Tuesday, 20 October 2015 01:52

Denver Mover Tips: 25 Ways to Be a Great Neighbor

Moving is incredibly stressful and can cause tension within the neighborhood. We, as Denver mover experts, have collected 25 tips to help you be a great neighbor and retain your relationships during the moving process.

    1. Invite your neighbors to your open house. They will help spread the word to potential buyers.
    2. New owners will appreciate a clean house when you turn over the keys.
    3. Don’t have the time to clean? There a plenty of really great cleaning services to spruce up your old place for the new owners. Check out Angies list for a list of top rated companies
    4. Moving? Be sure to alert both your old and new neighbors when the moving van will arrive.
    5. Just moved? Go head and introduce yourself by making a nice card with a family photo for everyone in the new neighborhood.
    6. New to the neighborhood? Read up on the new covenants and abide by them.
    7. A “Welcome Home” gift for the new owners is always a fun way to celebrate their new place.
    8. When you move be sure to leave a forwarding address along with your email as a back-up.
    9. A garage sale is the perfect way to de-clutter. Have neighbors participate to attract a larger crowd.
    10. Right before moving yard work may be one of the last things on your mind. Keep it up for curb appeal during the closing process.
    11. Disposing of excess trash properly is nice for your neighbors and the environment.
    12. Let the neighborhood know when you scheduled donation services to pick up old goods. They might want to give unwanted goods away too.
    13. Let neighbors know of any upcoming big projects that might entail early morning noise, work trucks, etc.
    14. Don't have time for a proper good-bye? Send a block email to your old neighbors wishing all of them well.
    15. Parking can be an issue, even in suburban neighborhoods. Inform the moving company where to park.
    16. Park cars on a nearby street on moving day to allow more room for neighbors to get in & out of the block conveniently.
    17. Do a double check and be sure all items are removed from your old home before the new owners arrive.
    18. Always wave or smile when encountering a neighbor. It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way.
    19. Go against tradition, introduce yourself by giving a small gift to the new neighborhood when you move in.
    20. Compile a phone number and email list for the entire neighborhood to make communication easy.
    21. Ask the new neighbors if they need any boxes or storage items before you toss the extras.
    22. Have kids? Throw a block party to give your kids a chance to meet the other kids in the neighborhood and get acclimated to the new environment.
    23. Get to know your neighbors by hosting a dinner party. Show off your newly decorated home at the same time.
    24. Dive right in and join the neighborhood book club, monthly coffees or attend neighborhood meetings.
    25. Be sure to pick up after your kids. Leaving their toys out in the yard brings down the visual appeal of the neighborhood.