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Denver Movers Explain the Best Packaging Materials

One of the most important phases of moving is packing your valuables. How you pack can determine the success of your move. The wrong packaging methods or products can lead to broken, scratched or dirtied items upon arrival in your new home. Finding the right movers and utilizing the correct packaging will help you have a seamless move. Keep reading to find out which packaging materials our Denver movers vouch for.

The Best Packaging Materials, According to Denver Movers

There are a few factors you should keep in mind while deciding on the best options for your packing materials. These include:

  • Protection – Choosing materials that will effectively prevent damage during moving ensures that you won’t have to eat the costs of broken shipments.
  • Cost – Moving is expensive. Finding the right materials to package your items can be an added cost to factor into your overall budget.
  • Environmental Impact – Not all packaging materials rate well when it comes to their environmental impact. But, there are many recyclable materials that offer great protection.

1. Cardboard boxes

The most common material is, of course, cardboard boxes. These boxes come in several sizes for various manufacturers, are durable, and can be recycled or used multiple times. However, using other protective materials inside of the boxes is essential to keep your items safe.

When selecting boxes for moving day, make sure to use smaller boxes for heavier materials. It’s also worthwhile to re-use other boxes you may have around the house too.

2. Bubble wrap

To preserve your items from damage during transit, make sure you use bubble wrap. These protective layers of insulation can be wrapped around fragile items to keep them safe and are essential for packing.

3. Packing tape

The kind of tape you use does matter. There are different grades of tape available and some are made specifically for different materials. Getting the right tape will help keep your items safely concealed when moving.

4. Labels

Staying organized during your move can make a world of difference. We recommend labeling each box and wrapped items for easier organization. On the label, include a description of the contents and the room it belongs in so your movers can place the items correctly in the new location.

5. Furniture pads/blankets

Keeping your furniture unscathed during a move can be challenging. You can keep possessions damage-free by wrapping them in blankets and placing furniture pads beneath each piece. This will help movers bring the furniture out of the old location, onto the truck, and into the new one with less of a hassle.

6. Vacuum sealed bags

Clothing can be a prominent item in your move that can take up a lot of space if not properly packaged. Using vacuum sealed bags can help dramatically reduce the size of your clothing, bedding, and other fabrics for easier transportation.

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