Wednesday, 04 October 2017 16:14

A Denver Mover's Guide To Move-In Day

Whether it is across town or across the country, moving is never a one day process. After a long day of last minute packing, playing moving truck tetris with your belongings and caravanning to that new destination you will call home, when you arrive, the first thing you are ready to do is fall into bed. These tips from professional Denver movers will make your first night in your new home easy.

Last In, First Out

Once you have made the trek to your new home, you want to relax. As Denver movers, we recommend you pack a "last in, first out" box that lets you do just that. We like to call it your "moving survival kit." When you pack this box, you will have everything you will need without even having to touch your other moving boxes.

Here is the checklist:

  1. Bed Linens

    You will want to include sheets, comforters, pillows, and pillow cases so you can spend the first night in your new home comfortably. If you have little ones who have a special stuffed animal or blanket, pack those, too. Don't forget the air mattresses if your beds will not be ready on day one!
  2. Clothes

    You will need pajamas for everyone to sleep in after a hot and sweaty day of loading and unloading. You will also want clean, comfortable clothes to start your morning of unpacking off on the right foot.
  3. Toiletries

    Your toiletries make a list inside of a list! You will need shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste. Ladies, you may want to pack makeup removing wipes, and baby wipes for easy cleanup. Gents, you may want a razor and shaving cream. If you wear contacts, pack your case and cleaning solution.
  4. Just a few more bathroom essentials

    Don't forget to pack a spare roll of toilet paper. You will also want a shower curtain, shower curtain rings, and bath towels so you can shower without flooding your new bathroom floor.
  5. Disposable Dishes

    No one wants to have to unpack and then wash dishes after a big move. Pack some paper towels and extra garbage bags in too so you have everything you need for a meal that is easy to clean up. You may also want take-out menus from a local restaurant.
  6. Snacks and Breakfast Foods

    Grab a few healthy snacks and easy breakfast foods so that you can get up and get going in the morning.
  7. Caffeination

    Whether you are a coffee, tea or soda drinker, you will want to pack everything you need to feel energized for another long day of unpacking and organizing. That may include a coffee pot, filters, mugs, sugar, and cream. If you are new to the area, our Denver movers recommend you unhitch the trailer and venture out in the morning for a locally brewed cup of joe.
  8. Electronics

    Any electronics that you might use will need charges - phone, computer, tablet, etc. You will also want a flashlight and batteries, as well as extension cords and surge protectors. Navigating the best way to plug things in can be tricky in a new home, so you want to be over prepared.

Last, but not least...

A Denver Mover's First Day Essentials!

Our Denver movers recommend you dedicate a box specifically to anything you might need to unpack. So things like scissors and box knives for breaking down boxes, garbage bags and cleaning supplies to prepare spaces for furniture, and tools to hang things as you unpack them will be helpful.

Now your survival kit is ready to get you through a night or two of chaos in your new home. Make sure you follow the name of "last in" and pack your survival kit in your car or the back of your moving van so that you know exactly where it is.

Whether you are moving to a suburban cottage or a downtown high rise, you will not want to scramble to find the kitchen boxes so you can make a quick dinner or lug an empty trailer to the store because you cannot find any scissors to open those perfectly taped boxes. With the help of our Denver movers, your first-night survival kit sets you up for a moving success.