Tuesday, 15 March 2016 14:48

Denver Movers Guide to Reducing Stress

Moving can be a stressful task for anyone. Like most projects, moving requires planning and organization. While we provide full-service packing solutions to save our customers valuable time and energy, many people choose to pack items on their own. Making a list and setting realistic expectations for the entire moving process can help reduce stress. The day of your move can still be stressful but here are some moving tips for our Denver movers.

Before the Move: Mentally Prepare

There is nothing worse than feeling like the moving, cleaning, and unpacking will never get done. If you’ve been planning and organizing your move, trust that you are prepared for the task.

  • The planning process allows you to set accurate timelines and break down tasks into manageable phases. Not everything goes according to plan, but planning does allow you to quickly make adjustments and prioritize what needs to get done.
  • Make arrangements for children and pets. It’s great to get kids involved in helping and to keep them excited about the move. Pets, however, are better off at a pet daycare center or in a separate quiet room. Make sure you exercise your pets the day before to help reduce their anxieties.
  • Get plenty of rest the day before. There should not be any last minute packing that will keep you up past midnight.

On Moving Day: Stay Positive

  • If you start feeling overwhelmed or agitated, take a breath and remember you have prepared for the move.
  • Don’t make things harder on yourself. Take breaks. Eat out. Fast food or delivery is your friend on this day.
  • Have plenty of beverages on hand and listen to upbeat, happy music while unpacking.
  • Know that you may not be able to unpack everything. Unpack the bathrooms and set up the beds. Everything else can wait if needed but you’ll definitely want a place to collapse at the end of your move.

After the Move: Explore!

  • Welcome to your new home! You’ve unpacked most of your things. It is now time to explore your new neighborhood, meet new people, and look forward to things to do in your new community.
  • Walk your dog. Your dog will want to explore your new neighborhood as much as you do. This will also prevent accidents in your new home as they get used to new smells and favorite spaces.

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