Thursday, 07 September 2017 14:18

Denver Movers Tell You 5 Things Only Colorado Has

The Royal Gorge

An incredible part of Colorado history is The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. Bridge construction began back in 1929 and held the record for the highest bridge in the world until 2001. In its 85 years, the park has entertained over 26 million guests. Tragically in June of 2013, the park was struck by a devastating fire. About 90% of the 360-acre park was destroyed. A little after a year, the park reopened, and to this day it continues to amaze guests.

National Western Stock Show

Now over 110 years old, the National Western Stock Show, established in 1906, is the best livestock, rodeo, and horse show in the nation. Taking place over two weeks in January each year, the show accommodates over 650,000 visitors and features cattle shows and sales alongside special events like the Colorado Fiddle Championships, the Catch-a-Calf Contest and many other special events. The National Western Stock Show celebrates western lifestyles and communities and is arguably the largest recognized western heritage entertainment event in the nation.

The Grand Mesa

Standing at more than 10,000 feet above sea level The Grand Mesa in Colorado is the world’s largest flattop mountain. It is an incredibly popular destination for fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and much more. Altogether, The Grand Mesa encompasses hundreds of square miles of pure Colorado wilderness. You can adventure like this in lots of other places, but if you could do it atop the largest flattop mountain in the world, why wouldn’t you?

The Eisenhower Tunnel

Looking for a unique experience? Being the Mile High State, a lot of our unique experiences, consequently, take place at a mile (plus) above sea-level. The experience may seem underwhelming, driving through a mountain, however going through The Eisenhower Tunnel, it truly is unique. At a max height of 11,158 feet above sea-level and a length of 1.69 miles, let the hum of the tires and the absence of any signal disconnect you from the world, at least for a few minutes while you’re on the way to your favorite ski resort.

America the Beautiful

Last, but certainly not least, Katharine Lee Bates, originally from Falmouth, Massachusetts, took a train ride to Colorado Springs to teach a short summer class at Colorado College. Towards the end of her stay, she traveled to Pike’s Peak. While almost reaching the top, she looked out to view Colorado’s splendor and the opening lines of America the Beautiful were born. Her poem was published in 1895, and a few revised versions later resulted in the song we all recognize today. Of course, Colorado doesn't own the song, but the beauty of Colorado inspired Katharine to write it. Colorado inspires people, let it inspire you!

Denver Movers

If that isn’t enough to convince you that you need to move to Colorado, learning about the five best places to hike in Colorado and the top 5 reasons to move or start your business to Denver might convince you. And when you come to your senses and decide that you cannot possibly live anywhere else, Amazing Moves, the best Denver movers, is here to help. Contact us today for a free estimate.