Monday, 01 February 2016 14:25

Tips From A Denver Moving Company: 35 Winter Home Preparation Steps

Moving to a colder climate? Learn how to properly prepare your home for winter with these 35 tips from Denver movers who are familiar with the Colorado winters.

  1. Tune up your heating system before the winter months hit.
  2. Want to save energy? Have a BPI certified employee conduct an energy audit on your home.
  3. Want to conduct an energy audit yourself? An infrarered thermometer will measure surface temperatures & detect trouble spots.
  4. Need to tune up your heating system? Look for a reputable contractor that belongs to the ACCA.
  5. Have a boiler? Change your filters when you switch from cooling to heating.
  6. Reverse the switch on ceiling fans to create an updraft to push heated air down into the room from the ceiling.
  7. Inspect your roof for damaged, loose or missing shingles that may leak during storms or from melting snow.
  8. Live in a warm climate? Have a flat roof? Sweep debris off. Extra debris can retain moisture and cause leaks.
  9. Save energy by putting caulk around windows and doors.
  10. Detecting air leaks? Seal your home's recessed can lights with caulk.
  11. Silicone caulk is best for exterior use on windows and doors.
  12. Weatherstripping? Make sure that you cannot see any daylight from inside your home.
  13. Unsure whether or not to weatherstrip? Put your hand by windows and doors to feel out the cold drafts.
  14. Prevent water damage by cleaning your gutters before it snows.
  15. Turn off exterior faucets and disconnect any outside houses.
  16. To avoid freezing pipes and leaks, make sure that your sprinkler or irrigation system is fully drained.
  17. Placing padding around your pipes can prevent freezing and floods.
  18. Do you rake your leaves in the Fall? Studies show that mowing leaves instead may actually be beneficial for your lawn.
  19. You will see healthier growth in the Spring if you wait until late in the winter to prune your trees or shrubs.
  20. Love sitting in front of a roaring fire? Inspect your chimney first for cobwebs and birds nests.
  21. Stock up on winter essentials before the snow hits, such as salt, ice melt, shovels, or a snowblower.
  22. You may not believe us, but right before winter hits is a great time to over-seed or patch your lawn.
  23. Tired of ice dams on your roof? Sealing air leaks, adding insulation, and making sure your roof is properly vented should do the trick.
  24. Beat el Niño this year and stock up on emergency essentials, such as canned goods, water and batteries.
  25. Consider working with ultra-touch denim insulation instead of fiberglass because it is made from recycled material.
  26. Building or moving to a new home? Treat your windows with a low-emittance coating to keep radiant heat inside the house.
  27. Installing cellular shades a.k.a insulating blinds on windows will help keep the heat in.
  28. Cellular shades can double or triple a window's performance making them a no brainer for heat efficiency & energy savings.
  29. Tech savvy? Get a smart thermostat. Honey has one that is WiFi enabled & can be controlled from your iPhone or laptop.
  30. A smart thermostat can tell you when to change the settings and when the filter needs to be a changed.
  31. Live in a particularly harsh climate? Consider replacing your screen doors with storm windows.
  32. Overgrown branches? Trim them. You'll be happy later when you don't have any damaged power lines & your heat stays on.
  33. Have patio furniture? Clean and dry it before putting a tarp over it for winter.
  34. Is your deck splintering? Fix it now before it storms and snow causes more damage.
  35. Have an outdoor room? Consider adding a fireplace to it so you can enjoy it during the winter months too.

Take our winter home preparation tips into consideration when moving to a winter climate. If you are moving soon and need help, contact a top-rated Denver moving company, Amazing Moves for more information.