Tuesday, 27 February 2018 14:11

Denver Storage Solutions – Make The Most Out Of Small Spaces

If you're making the move to Denver, you are certainly not alone. Since 2010, there has been a marked increase in the population every year, bringing a total of nearly 100,000 new residents to the city over the last eight years. As the population continues to grow, so do housing options. And while housing options are growing in numbers, they are certainly decreasing in size. Micro-apartments have been popularized by the former Hotel VQ making 330-square-foot the norm at a monthly rent of $1,000. While your dollar may decrease in flexibility, your Denver storage solutions don't have to.

Denver Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen

Most apartment floor plans in the Denver area don't tend to allocate the extra square-footage in an already small space to the kitchen. With limited cabinet space, you may need to get creative with your storage solutions.

Two-Sided Shelves

When you open your cabinet doors, you may notice a lot of empty space that can't be used in a traditional sense. Maximizing your kitchen space with this storage solution for small items like spices is a breeze – all you need is some glue and a few magnets. Positioning magnets on the underside of your shelves allow you to actually utilize the previously unusable space within your cabinets. For a decorative appeal that also adds functionality, you can use small mason jars to hold your spices so that all the containers are the same size. As far as Denver storage solutions go, this one is a winner – now you can use both sides of your shelves.

Denver Storage Solutions For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are always a tricky space to keep organized. No matter how many cabinets or shelves you have, there never seems to be enough.

Twice The Shower Rods, Twice The Storage

Shower rods have a very specific purpose – to hold your shower curtain up. Running a second shower rod along the other side of your shower helps to you take your storage up (literally) and hold things like shower caddies, bath accessories, and anything else you might need. Instead of trying to cram your soaps and other products on slim bathtub edges, a second shower rod allows you to really expand your storage options in a relatively limited space.

2X The Shower Caddies, Too!

Shower caddies are already designed to maximize storage, often coming with two or three tiers, which makes them perfect Denver storage solutions to stock up on. Hanging them on your second shower rod or using them underneath the sink can keep all of your bathroom products neatly organized and easily accessible.

Denver Storage Solutions For Your Bedroom

For as long as drawers have been used for storage, one would think they would have evolved to be more functional by now. Our Denver storage solutions make them just that! Gone are the days of digging through a neatly organized drawer to find a specific shirt only to not be able to close the drawer upon finding what you were looking for.

Cheers To Drawer Organization

You can re-purpose the cardboard drink dividers that come in soda or beer boxes to make drawer storage easier. Spreading the divider across the width of an empty drawer, you can roll shirts, socks, or any other type of clothing to give each its own specific spot. This storage solution allows you to see everything that is in your drawer at once for easy selection and return.

Denver Storage Solutions For Your Closet

Much like the kitchens in small homes and apartments, extra space is often not designated to the closet, either. If you are sharing a closet with a significant other or it is doing double duty, serving as extra storage space, as well, this is a room where maximizing space makes all the difference.

Get Curvy

Effective Denver storage solutions that make a small closet capable of holding all the things it needs to can be few and far between. S-hooks are a great space saver and can keep your closet neatly organized. S-hooks take up less space on closet rods than traditional hangers, so you can store more in less space. They are great options for hanging pants, scarves, ties or other accessories while remaining easy to find.

Denver Storage Solutions Make The Most Of Your Space

With these Denver storage solutions, subtracting square-footage for an addition of big-city living will be no problem. You can stay organized at home, so going out and experiencing all that the Mile High City has to offer is easy.