Friday, 24 July 2015 16:56

Digitizing Photos Before You Move

Digitizing Your Photos

As you begin to pack and prepare for your Denver relocation, you're likely to come across boxes of photos and slides. If you'd like to preserve these memories, save space and make them more accessible to others, digitizing your photos is a worthwhile undertaking and it's not as hard to do as you may think.

There are several ways to go about digitizing your printed photo collection. Depending on how many photos you have and how DIY-eager you are, your choices will vary.

Image Scanning

To scan your photos yourself, we recommend using a high quality scanner for best results. Before you begin, remove any dust or dirt from your prints with a microfiber cloth. Next, select a resolution of at least 300dpi. Use 600dpi if you plan to order enlargements. If you have the time, make use of editing options on your scanning software like cropping, color and brightness adjustments, and red-eye removal.

If you're short on time, scan several photos at a time by placing several on the scanning bed at once. Just be careful that they don't overlap. You can separate the photos into separate image files later.

Smartphone Scanners

There are smart phone apps that make it possible to use your phone as an image scanner, which may be a great option if you're short on time. Of course, this won't produce the same high quality results of a flatbed scanner, but if you're only going to share the photos over the web, the scan quality may not matter.

There are many scanner apps available for Apple and Android phones. has a photo scanning app aptly named Shoebox that allows you to scan and upload your photos directly to CMC Image Scanner allows you to save the image as a pdf or jpeg and CamScanner has rich editing tools.

Professional Scanning Services

If the idea of going through hundreds of photos and scanning them yourself seems arduous, consider outsourcing it to a professional scanning service. You can usually find a photo scanning deal on Groupon, that will make it worth your while.

Scanning services usually send you a prepaid shipping box and photo packing directions to make it really easy for you to ship your photos to their facility. And most keep you informed through every step—from when your box is picked up by the shipper, to when your photos arrive at their shop, to when scanning is completed, to when the photos and scans have been shipped back to you.

You can choose how you want to receive the completed digital files too. DVD, flash drive, online storage—there are any number of alternatives.

Getting ready to move is stressful and time consuming. With photo scanning you can eliminate the worry of losing or damaging precious photos during your move.