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The Dos and Don'ts of Moving: Thoughts from a Top Denver Mover

Few life transitions are as significant as moving from one property to another. However, moving day can quickly devolve into a mess if you aren't thoroughly prepared and make the wrong mistakes. As a leading Denver mover, we want to help you identify the most common moving mistakes and steps you can take to avoid them.

Just remember that every move is different and that these general tips may not apply to every situation.

Make Your Move Stress-Free with These Tips from our Denver Mover

Don't: Leave the Packing to the Last Minute

Simply put, you and your family have a lot of stuff. Everyone tends to underestimate how many physical things they own and how much stuff is actually in their homes. In fact, some experts estimate that the average U.S. household has 300,000 things, which include clothes, dishes, children's toys, electronics, artwork, and much more.

Clearly, you have a lot of things to pack for your big day. Far too many will put off packing due to a variety of reasons like stress, time constraints, and other obligations, but you need to fight that urge. If you try to pack up your whole house the night before you move, you're not going to be ready in time.

Do: Spread Out the Packing Process

Rather than packing up your whole home in a few days, spread out the process over several weeks before moving day. For example, you could spend roughly 1-2 hours each day boxing up one room at a time. This approach will make the packing process much easier and more manageable, so you'll feel less stressed.

Plus, this slower approach allows you to evaluate each personal possession and whether you want to pack it up, trash it, or donate it.

Don't: Lose Time without a Clear Plan

Organization is key to a successful move, but many will fail to properly organize themselves before moving day. For instance, if you rush through the packing process, you may stuff items from multiple rooms into the same box, which can make unpacking frustrating and confusing. Or if you fail to have a clear plan, you may forget to do essential tasks at the right times, like transferring utilities or changing your postal address.

Do: Follow a Moving Checklist

When you prepare a detailed checklist of all your deadlines and responsibilities ahead of moving day, you'll make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Whether it's a physical document or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, your moving checklist should feature things like:

  • Organize a garage sale
  • Enroll your kids in new schools
  • Review insurance policies and notify providers
  • Service the car
  • Request time off work
  • And more

This personal checklist will make sure you are thoroughly prepared for your big day and that your transition is as smooth as possible.

Don't: Move by Yourself

Moving to a new home is a huge undertaking, and the DIY route is rarely the right choice (especially when you're moving across the country). Many people will try to handle the entire move on their own and save some money, but this is often a mistake. In some cases, a DIY move may end up costing you more in the long run because of several reasons:

  • You'll need to cover costs for packing materials, the moving truck, gas, and anything else you rent from the moving supply company like dollies
  • You may not follow best practices for packing and may break or damage valuable possessions during transit
  • You may hurt yourself lifting heavy objects during the move and require costly medical care

In most cases, it's less expensive and safer to hire Denver movers to handle the heavy lifting.

Do: Source Estimates from Multiple Movers

It's best to get several estimates from local moving companies before making your hiring decision. This allows you to truly vet each company, identify points of difference between each estimate, and make sure the company's services align fully with your needs. Some offer many services beyond just transportation, like packing or storage units.

Remember to get your estimates in person and not over the phone. Moving companies can only provide accurate quotes after on-site surveys.

When you've found a mover that you like, book them as soon as possible. Local moving companies are often booked months in advance, so it's best not to delay your decision.

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