Wednesday, 12 April 2017 11:09

Easy Home Decorating Tips

Hang an interior curtain.

Hanging a linen curtain is a great way to separate rooms if you’re missing a wall. You can also hang one in the kitchen to hide any mess.

Mix and match your bedding.

Most of us are used to coordinating our duvet cover, pillow cases, and sheets, but picking different patterns and designs is a fun way to give a vintage feel to your bedroom.

Add plants to your home.

You can get creative with how you display your plants. Try using different types of containers, like watering cans or light bulbs to give a shabby-chic feel to your home.

Add some funky furniture.

Having a few pieces of unconventional furniture is a fantastic way to brighten up your home while expressing your creative style. Whether you like modern or more traditional pieces, finding an accent piece that speaks to you will brighten up any room.

Make your own headboard.

Headboards give any bedroom a polished look, but they can be expensive to purchase. Luckily, you can make your own on the cheap. Learn how here.

Cover a wall in plates.

Hanging an array of plates on your wall has the same effect as one big piece of art. Plus, they’re super cheap at second-hand shops, and you can pick and choose the patterns that suit your style.

Pull furniture away from walls.

Interior designers call this technique “floating”; moving furniture away from walls and into the center gives a more intimate feeling to your room while also giving the illusion of more space. Try centering living room furniture around a bright and colorful rug for an extra pop that will draw the eye in towards the middle of your space.

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