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Estimates Explained: Costs You Can Expect for Denver Movers

When it's to move out and transition into a new home and community, it's always a good idea to hire full-service movers. These experienced professionals will handle all the hard work for you and are well worth the investment. But, when you contact Denver movers and source quotes, it's important to know what to expect in your estimate.

Moving estimates provide a wealth of information, and if you've never hired movers before, it can be challenging to understand all the details, services, and costs. Don't worry: the Amazing Moves team is here to set the record straight.

What's Included in a Moving Estimate: Insights from Denver Movers

When sourcing estimates from movers, it's imperative to be mindful of the type of estimate that you're receiving. Estimates can fall into one of three main categories:

  • Binding Estimates - This quote guarantees a fixed cost for your entire move. This will include everything discussed with your movers and it confirms the agreed-upon charges for your move. That means extra fees for weather or traffic-related delays won't be added to your final bill.
  • Non-Binding Estimates - This type of quote is an estimated price for your relocation services and your final bill may differ once the services have been rendered.
  • Not-to-Exceed Estimates - This quote has a maximum price guarantee and effectively puts a cap on how much you'll spend. So, if the actual costs are higher than your maximum, you won't have to cover the extra charges.

Each type of estimate comes with upsides and downsides, so if you're unsure whether to opt for a binding, non-binding, or not-to-exceed moving quote, you'll want to think critically about each one.

If you want a fixed cost for your move, opt for a binding estimate. If you want more flexibility and are comfortable with some cost fluctuations, a non-binding estimate could be right for you. If you're looking for ways to maximize your potential savings, a not-to-exceed estimate may be ideal for your needs.

As you compare moving quotes in Denver, you can expect to see many items listed alongside associated fees. Let's dive into those details with our Denver movers today.

Inventory Costs

Obviously, your inventory is the main contributing factor to your overall moving costs. In most cases, quotes are based on the total weight of the inventory. Some quotes may include other fees for the amount of furniture you have and the size of the furniture too.

Specialty Item Costs

Are you moving one-of-a-kind items like an heirloom grandfather clock? If so, those specialty items will need to be handled with care and can add extra fees to your quote.

Travel Costs

The total miles traveled, fuel used, and time needed to transport your possessions will directly influence the total travel costs. Moving companies will include information on the route they plan to take, and because some companies have different rates in different regions, the route can impact travel costs too.

Labor Costs

Your estimate will outline the number of movers needed for your relocation process, and the more movers needed, the higher your labor costs will go. But aside from the general labor costs, you may expect to see additional fees for things like:

  • The number of stairs or elevators that movers must use to relocate your things (also known as a flight charge)
  • How easily movers can transport inventory - If your king-size bed won't fit out the front door, that can complicate things and subsequently increase your labor costs
  • Packing, unpacking, and furniture disassembly/reassembly services

Seasonal Costs

Like all industries, the moving industry sees peaks and valleys throughout the year. In general, moving companies see higher demand in the summer than in the winter because of the favorable weather conditions in warmer months. As such, the higher demand can lead to increased costs.

On that note, pay attention to the day of the week that you choose for your move. Moving on weekdays tends to be less expensive than weekend moves, so be mindful of that potential cost difference too. You likely won't see a "Weekday" or "Weekend" fee in your quote, but the date you set for your move will undoubtedly impact your final costs.

Liability Coverage Costs

You need insurance coverage in case your possessions incur any damage during any stage of the relocation process. All movers in Denver are required, by law, to offer at least two cargo valuation options (liability coverage) for their customers. These include:

  • Released Value/Basic Liability Coverage - This coverage is typically included free of charge on most estimates, but always pay close attention to the fine print. It offers minimal protection for your possession; under this coverage, your movers are responsible for no more than $0.60/pound per article.
  • Full Replacement Cost Coverage - Under this liability coverage, your movers are responsible for the replacement value of lost or damaged goods. If any items are lost, destroyed, or damaged, your movers will cover the costs to repair or replace the items or provide a cash settlement for the item's current market value.

The full replacement cost coverage option is always the superior choice for your move. Just be aware that it will come at a price.

Costs for Additional Moving Services

If you hire full-service movers in Denver, they can offer a wide range of moving-related services to make your transition easy and stress-free. For instance, at Amazing Moves, our movers offer:

  • Packing services, which include unpacking services and furniture disassembly/re-assembly
  • Storage services for short-term and long-term needs

These additional moving services will increase the overall costs in your moving estimate, but you are not obligated to agree to those services. Make sure your move is customized to your specific needs and asks.

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