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The Exclusive Guide To Luxury Neighborhoods In Denver

If you’ve looked at the market in the Denver Metro area over the years, you’ve seen home prices skyrocket. Whether you’re a first time homebuyer, you’re looking to upgrade, or you’re ready to downsize, finding the right home in the ideal neighborhood in Denver is no easy feat. Especially considering the price tag on the average single family home, you want to make sure you’re looking in the right place from the very beginning. As any home buyer knows, a high price point does not a luxury home make. When you’re looking for the go-to luxury neighborhoods in Denver to buy a home, there’s no better person to ask than the pros at the local moving company.

Finding Luxury Neighborhoods In Denver

In some metro areas, high cost of living is directly correlated with a luxury lifestyle. In other metro areas, that is far from true. The cost of living in Denver seems to increase every year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every neighborhood is going to offer the lifestyle you’re looking for.

Finding a luxury neighborhood in Denver goes so much further than just the price tag of the homes that are for sale. Rather, when we are evaluating what the most popular Denver neighborhoods have to offer, we’re considering everything from walkability to the scenery. There are a variety of things we consider when looking for luxury neighborhoods in Denver, including:

  • Owner Occupancy Rates
  • Population Density
  • Population Demographics
  • Average Sale Price
  • Average Income
  • Crime Rates
  • Employment Rates
  • School District
  • Restaurants and Nightlife
  • Amenities

With all that in mind, we’re able to separate the good from the great when it comes to Denver’s luxury neighborhoods. Let us share a few with you.

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is the quintessential luxury neighborhood in Denver. Recognized for its elite shopping district and posh dining, Cherry Creek has everything a home buyer could want from a neighborhood. While the population density is slightly higher than Denver Metro, the total number of residents who call Cherry Creek home is a mere 1% of that in Denver as a whole. The median age sits at just over 50 years old with less than 30% of residents having kids under the age of 18. This makes Cherry Creek the ideal neighborhood for those who want to live a luxurious lifestyle and don’t want to feel out of place in a community full of school-aged kids.

Wash Park

In direct contrast with the markers of Cherry Creek, Washington Park is recognized by the hundreds of acres of greenery that are at the heart of the neighborhood. We consider Wash Park to be one of the most popular luxury neighborhoods in Denver not only due to the stately homes that have been built over the last handful of decades in this neighborhood but also because of the 70% owner occupancy rate. These elements indicate to us that anyone who is considering moving to the Wash Park neighborhood is ready to plant roots and become a part of this community.

Cherry Hills Village

Cherry Hills Village is precisely what you’d expect from a gated community. This luxury neighborhood in Denver is known for its A-list residents, including former Broncos football players. Cherry Hills boasts a 95% owner occupancy rate and an average home price of well over $1 million. Like we said, though, price isn’t everything when it comes to finding a luxury neighborhood. Cherry Hills Village is highly ranked for education, amenities, safety, and employment, too.

Bonnie Brae

Bonnie Brae has some of the most unique properties in the city. From colonial design influences to the new-age modern look, residents looking for their ideal home in a luxury neighborhood in Denver can find exactly what they want in Bonnie Brae. While this neighborhood is slightly more populous than some of the other communities we’ve analyzed, it’s a family-friendly area that offers homeowners looking for luxury the best of both worlds.


The Highlands is an up and coming community in the Denver area. Less than 10 years ago, the Highlands made up the warehouse district of the Mile High City and today you see posh new builds and luxury high-rises on every corner. The Highlands boasts the lowest population density of any of the luxury neighborhoods in Denver we’ve looked at thus far, giving it a slower, quieter atmosphere than the bustling downtown communities.

Moving To A Luxury Neighborhood In Denver?

If you’re looking to move to Denver, you won’t want to discount these popular neighborhoods. After you’ve found the perfect house to plant your roots in, Amazing Moves is happy to help you transform your house into a home.

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