Thursday, 24 September 2015 17:31

Fifty More Moving Tips

When you are moving from your home, you can use all the moving tips you can get. Make moving a little easier and peruse tips 51 through 100.  (You can see our first 50 tipsfirst 50 tips here.)

51. Lift with your legs. Moving with back pain makes for a very long day.

52. Easy fix for furniture indentations on carpet: Place ice cube on divots, let them melt, and then use a spoon to lift the fibers up.

53. Be sure to drain oil, gas, and even grass from your lawn equipment to avoid a major disaster when moving them!

54. Put smaller jewelry into the divots of an egg carton to sort and protect.

55. Use toilet paper rolls and thread your necklaces through them to prevent tangling.

56.  If you are renting, take photos before you move in and after you pack to leave. You'll have documentation for your deposit refund.

57. Use your wheeled suitcases to pack your heavy books and office paper for easier transporting.

58. Take the knobs off of dresser drawers. Screw or tape them inside of the drawer to protect other items from being scratched by them.

59. Grab folding locker shelves at the Dollar Store to to keep clothes on closet shelves in neat stacks.

60. Saving your holiday wrapping paper? Use tights or pantyhose and slide the roll in the leg to keep it from unraveling.

61. When packing particularly valuable clothing in cardboard boxes, line boxes with garbage bags for extra protection.

62. Use Space Bags for your out-of-season clothes and bed linens to save space and time at the change of seasons.

63. Use 2 old sheets and wrap one around each side of your mattress to keep it from getting dirty during transport. 64. Use a wine case to pack your glassware.

65. Don't pack items randomly.  It will save you time when unpacking when things are packed in relevance to the room they're from, or how you use them.

66. Paint the ends of your keys with nail polish to help sort new vs. old mailbox and house keys.

67. Pack knives in oven mitts to protect them and prevent them from damaging other possessions.

68. Use over-the-door shoe organizers in the kitchen for spices, and in clothes closet for gloves and scarves.

69. Use tape or rubber bands around the hooks and the bottoms of hangers to keep them from getting tangled.

70. Designate a “last to unpack" room or corner. Put all the extra stuff you don't know what to do with here.

71. Using a box cutter, cut handles into the sides of lighter packed boxes for easier lifting.

72. Put extra towels, pillows and blankets into trash bags and place the bags between the boxes with more fragile items.

73. Pack your spices or meds in the crockpot to save the extra room in your boxes.

74. Label empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls to wrap and sort cords, chargers and other wiring.

75. When moving large items, use a large padded, quilt to help slide it on wood and tile floors without scratching them.

76. When you are packing your truck, place the heavier items closer to the cab, and lighter ones near the back to balance the weight.

77. If you need special care or packing on items like HDTVs get extra packing & padding a few weeks prior to your move day.

78. Be sure to call your credit card company to let them know you will be on the road and your new address.

79. Place dryer sheets in your boxes and bags to keep your packed up clothes smelling fresh.

80. A binder clip is an easy way to protect your razors when traveling.

81. Pack a clear tub of first day essentials: paper towels, cleaning supplies, trash bags, power strips, tools and kitchen items.

82. Purge stuff you don't use anymore as you're packing to make your unpacking easier and your new home less cluttered.

83. Pack that radio last to keep your spirits lifted during the stress of moving!

84. Take measurements of your new place, like doorways, to know if larger possessions need to be disassembled.

85. Unload boxes into closets first, even if it is temporary. This will help keep walkways clear.

86. Organize and pack long handled items like brooms, shovels and rakes together with stretch wrap.

87. Moving into an apartment? Check in with management for trash and recycle policies prior to unloading your boxes.

88. When moving a piano, use wood 2'x4's underneath the keys and around the back to help carry the large, awkwardly shaped instrument.

89. Write “fragile” on boxes carrying breakables to be certain they will be handled with care.

90. Be sure to pack your essentials and overnight bags in the car you are driving so they are at your disposal.

91. If you've got the time, prep wall corners and door frames to prevent nicks and scrapes before the big day.

92. Use post-its on each drawer and cupboard to signal there are things still inside them to pack. Remove the notes as you pack.

93. The day before your move, double check the electric, gas, phone, and water utilities will be operational for you on move-in day.

94. Sometimes you may need a permit to load/unload in front of buildings. Find out if you need this and get your permit ASAP.

95. There are phone apps that can help you create your own bar codes to track inventory, create checklists and more.

96. Wipe things down before you place them into a drawer, chances are they haven't been cleaned since the last person was there.

97. Wrap a rubber band around the door knobs on each side of the door and twist over the door lock to prevent getting locked out.

98. Moving to a new climate? Take your car to a garage, and ask the mechanic to consider what services might be needed.

99. Before the move, stock up on prescriptions you’ll need during the next couple of weeks.

100. Assume something will go wrong and keep your sense of humor during move day.