Thursday, 20 August 2015 17:13

Fifty Moving Tips

Over the years, we've learned a lot about moving and collected loads of great moving tips. Here are fifty of our favorites.

#1:  Assemble and make your bed first so that after a long day of moving, your bed will be ready for you to fall into.

#2:  Put a laundry basket filled with towels, soaps, toiletries, paper, etc. into your car. Make it the first thing you unload.

#3:  Use 2 old fitted sheets to keep your mattress clean during a move. Wrap one around each side.

#4:  Defrost your refrigerator at least 1 day before moving. Clean and dry all surfaces inside and out. Pack drawers & shelves separately.

#5:  For same-city moves, hire a sitter for your children and pets.

#6:  Make your last grocery trip two weeks prior to moving. You'll have less to throw out or pack on the big day.

#7:  Schedule a charity organization to pick up the items you don’t want at least ten days prior to moving.

#8:  Getting rid of valuables? Start selling on Ebay, Etsy or Craigslist 8 weeks before your move.

#9:  File your change of address with the US Postal Service 2 weeks prior to your move. You can do it online here:

#10:  When leaving a rental, take pictures of the cleaned-out apartment. It can save you from being overcharged for cleaning and repairs later.

#11:  Wear sweat proof sunscreen, if your move requires a lot of outdoor time.

#12:  Remember to book your mover as soon as possible. Forget, and you can get stuck if no trucks are available on the day you need to move.

#13:  Number your boxes & keep a general listing of what's in each on a piece of paper. You'll be able to find things easier when you arrive at your new place.

#14:  Along with food and alcohol, give your friends who help you move first dibs on anything you originally planned to sell or donate.

#15:  Use your wheeled suitcases for heavy things like books.

#16:  Pack items in all of your baskets, laundry bins, hampers, and suitcases.

#17:  If possible, pre-clean the bathroom and kitchen of your new place & stock with towels, soap, etc. a few days before your move.

#18:  Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go.

#19:  Put small parts, screws & cords in sandwich bags and tape them to the back of the item they belong to.

#20:  Use stretch wrap to protect items and group things together.

#21:  Make dresser drawers into "boxes" by wrapping them in stretch wrap. You won't have to unpack and refold clothes.

#22:  Wrap your breakables (dishes, glasses, etc.) in clothing to save on bubble wrap.

#23:  For extra padding, pack your glasses and stemware in clean socks.

#24:  Place an extra cotton pad or cotton ball into your powder cosmetics to keep them from breaking. (Works great for travel packing too!)

#25:  Pack plates vertically in boxes. They will be less likely to break.

#26:  Use beer boxes for books because they have handles on the sides.

#27:  When packing, ask yourself, “Will it cost less to replace this than to move it?”

#28:  Vacuum seal your out-of-season clothing and put it right into storage when you arrive at your new location.

#29:  Buy multi-colored masking tape and color code each room & their corresponding boxes.

#30:  Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.

#31:  Donate your gently used children's books to a charter school library.

#32:  Pack heavier items on the bottoms of boxes, lighter items on top.

#33:  Avoid frustration on moving day. Map out where all your furniture will fit with an online space planner.

#34:  Easiest way to move hanging clothing: Cut 2” hole into bottom center of large trash bag. Slip bag over 5 – 10 hangers w/ clothes, so hooks stick out through hole.

#35:  Use a calendar to schedule by when each room will be packed.

#36:  Delegate. Agree with family members which moving & packing tasks they will complete and by when they will finish them.

#37:  Track your progress. Every week, track where you are against your plan in the calendar. Revise your plan as needed.

#38:  Need boxes? Ask printers, liquor & furniture stores for extras. Or, Amazing Moves sells boxes starting at 75 cents each.

#39:  Use Craigslist and Freecycle to pass your boxes onto someone else who's moving.

#40:  Put heavy items, like books, in small boxes. Use larger boxes for lighter items like linens and pillows.

#41:  When reviewing new energy providers, ask about their different usage plans, so you don't get stuck paying more than you should.

#42:  Take advantage of the moving or first time customer deals that many phone & internet companies offer.

#43:  Stop buying pantry items 4 to 6 weeks before moving. Get creative with meals as the pantry dwindles.

#44:  Invest in a secure lock box to keep treasured valuables safe while on the move.

#45:  Fill empty spaces in boxes with soft items to prevent shifting and damages.

#46:  Keep a binder of all moving records, receipts, deposits, and inventory so you don't have to search for these important documents.

#47:  Pack a cooler full of snacks and drinks to hydrate and keep your energy up on moving day.

#48:  Be liberal with tape on your boxes' stress-zones.

#49:  Recycle your old contact paper from your kitchen to bundle your breakables.

#50:  Moving large frames with glass? Tape a large X to strengthen the glass before bubble wrapping.