Wednesday, 13 July 2016 15:14

Get Acclimated with Your New Place

If moving all your belongings isn’t enough stress for a person, you have to get acclimated to an entirely different environment. Here are a few tips to get you feeling like you are home.

Explore Local

If you haven’t already, take a drive in the surrounding area. Find a grocery store that suits you, the nearest post office, liquor store, and home improvement store. Do a little research and make a list of things you want to explore during your time off. If you want a more up close and intimate look at your new digs, take a bike ride or a walk. These sidewalk views give you time to make the area feel more you and less new.

Make Your Place Your Home

The most comforting thing an individual can do when moving into a new home is to decorate as they are unpacking. Setting out your “extras” such as your blankets, lamps or other decorations, makes it a bit more homey in the midst of the sea of cardboard boxes. Burn your favorite scented candles, cook some of your favorite meals, and set out your picture frames. These things can always be moved or adjusted as you’re settling in.

On the practical side, change the locks. Change the batteries in smoke detectors and alarm systems. If there are issues from the home inspection report that you know you need to address, put them on your to-do list. Devoting a little bit of time to the more mundane tasks early in your move is better than running into major problems later.

Renting? Take pictures and notes of cracks, broken fixtures, nail holes, scratches on the floor or anything else that is pre-existing before you start moving in. Hand these notes to your landlord. By documenting these issues, you won’t be charged for them when you move out.

Test Your Commute

One of the biggest reasons people move is for a new gig. Even if you live two blocks from work, make the walk to see how long it takes to get there. If your commute takes you inside city limits, test it out at the time of day you will be headed to work. Rush hour can add to your commute time. You don't want to be late on your first day. If you can, allow yourself time to get completely settled in your new house and a bit of time to get comfortable with the neighborhood before you tackle the transition of a new job.

Get Involved

It may sound a bit cheesy, but a sense of community is integral to one’s happiness. Sign up for volunteer opportunities, or recreational sport leagues, or find a local church. It can be a little daunting meeting new people, but it will help you get acclimated.

Get out, explore, and get to know the city and the people around you. The faster you get your bearings in the area and develop new friendships, the faster your new place will feel like home.

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