Monday, 27 April 2015 18:05

Get Organized Before Packing

When you look around your home and start thinking about how long it's going to take you to pack, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are things you can do to organize your home before you start packing for your Denver move that will make the packing process (and ultimately, the task of unpacking) easier on you.


You may think that making a list of moving to-do's is the first step to success, but actually, using your imagination and doing a little visualization is the foundation to making the packing process more productive.


How Do You Want Your New Home To Feel?


Ask yourself how you want your new place to feel. In your mind's eye, walk from room to room in your new space and think about how you want each area to feel. Is the living room light and airy? The dining room warm and inviting? The bedroom cozy and peaceful?


Now physically walk through the rooms of your current home and take note of the items in each of these rooms that will contribute or detract from your vision. (Obviously, we are not talking about design choices like wall color and draperies here.) Which items will you move from your current space that will give you the desired feeling in each room? These are the things you will want to keep. Which belongings won't accomplish that vision? These are the things you will not pack.


4 Part List


Now you can start making a list. In each room, you're going to have things you want to keep, store, sell and donate. Make notes for yourself on which items belong in which category.


Anything you want to keep, are items you will have to pack, so note if you will need any specially-sized boxes or packing materials. For example, if you have a large set of China that's a fragile family heirloom, you'll need to get plenty of bubble wrap. (Or you might consider having it professionally packed and insured.)

While making note of what you want to keep, think through how you're going to pack it and what you will need to do so.


Some things you'll want to save, but not in your home. For these items, we suggest using a moving and storage company in Denver so you aren't having to move items twice. (We have short and long term storage in Denver that is clean, secure, and equipped with a sprinkler system throughout.)


Whether it's a yard sale or Ebay, selling takes time, so plan accordingly. The time to think about selling is 6 to 8 weeks before you start packing. Remember to factor in the preparation time it takes to plan and execute a yard sale.


Call a local charity that collects furniture and household items and schedule a pick up. This will give you a concrete deadline to meet. You know that you have to have your home sorted by these four categories by that date.

Once you've organized your possessions into these four categories, packing will be easier, because you'll be packing less. You'll also have mentally begun the moving process, which is a big step forward into this big undertaking.