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A Guide To The Different Types Of Movers In Denver, Colorado

A moving company can make a monumental difference when you are moving to a new home. But, which type of professional moving service is right for your needs? There are tons of different movers in Denver, Colorado, so it can be tough to know which company is right for you.

Don't worry: we're here to help! Today we'll break down the various types of professional moving services to help you make the right decision for your needs.

Which Movers In Denver, Colorado Are Best For Your Move?

Before we dive in, it's important to note that there are residential moving companies and commercial moving companies. Some movers may offer both residential and commercial services, however, that is not the case for each company.

In general, residential moving companies are classified according to 2 pieces of criteria:

  1. The types of services they offer and
  2. The distance they operate within

We should note that some moving companies may fall under multiple classifications too. Let's dive into some of those classifications now.

Local Movers

As the name implies, local movers provide moving services within a short distance. In most cases, local movers will help you relocate within a 100-mile radius. These moves tend to take place within the boundaries of 1 state, so local residential movers may also be called "intrastate movers."

Local moving companies in Colorado are regulated by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. That means they do not technically need a USDOT number issued by the FMCSA.

In most cases, local moving companies will charge by the hour. If you're moving to another part of Colorado, then local movers in Denver may be the right choice for you.

Interstate Movers

Also called "long-distance movers," interstate moving companies handle moves that exceed a distance of 100 miles. However, some intrastate moves may pass the 100-mile mark and can be considered long-distance moves as well.

Long-distance movers are required by law to have a USDOT number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Without that number, they cannot legally transport goods across any state's lines.

For any interstate moves, your costs will be calculated based on the total weight of your belongings and the distance to your new location.

If you're saying "goodbye" to Colorado, then you'll need to hire interstate movers.

International Movers

Are you moving to another country entirely? If so, you'll need to hire specialized movers that can handle those international relocations.

This is because international moves require a lot of paperwork and have complicated logistical processes. If you thought moving to a new home in the states was stressful, just wait until you move abroad.

You'll want to do careful research to find reliable international movers and to avoid moving scams. These helpful tips can guide your research and ensure you are hiring the right international moving company.

Now that we've covered different professional movers by distance, let's examine the differences in service offerings.

Specialty Movers

Some items require special care and attention when moving to a new home. Think of all the delicate, valuable, and irreplaceable items throughout your home. These may include things like:

  • Pianos
  • Antiques
  • Wine collections
  • Pool tables
  • And many other items

These one-of-a-kind items will need to be handled by properly trained and highly experienced specialty movers. They'll utilize specialized equipment and industry know-how to safely transport your unique possessions to your new home.

Difficult to move items like safes or hot tubs will likely require specialty moving services too.

Full-Service Movers

As the name implies, full-service moving companies take care of your entire move from start to finish. They will pack up your home, load the truck, transport everything to your new home, and then unload and unpack everything! Full-service movers will even disassemble and then reassemble your furniture too.

You simply can't beat a full-service moving experience. It's the safest, easiest, and most efficient way to move into your new home. You just sit back and let the moving experts handle the heavy lifting for you.

This white-glove moving experience will give you absolute peace of mind about your things. However, it's worth noting that a full-service move will come at a higher price point.

That said, many Denver moving companies offer partial moving services à la carte. So you can request specific moving assistance for things like:

For instance, we can provide specific moving services as needed or a full-service moving experience for you at Amazing Moves. It's entirely up to your specific needs.

Self-Service Movers

Self-service movers will provide the bare minimum support for your moving process. They will transport your belongings to your new home, but everything else will be up to you. That means you'll need to pack, load, unload, and unpack all of your items.

This approach may help you save some cash on your move, but it places nearly all of the work on your shoulders.

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