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Your Guide to Specialized Packing and Unpacking Services

Packing is the most dreaded part of the moving process. While it is generally easy to pack boxes with smaller things like books and clothing, it's far more challenging to safely pack specialty articles, like antiques and mirrors. For that reason, it's best to seek out specialized packing and unpacking services in Denver for those items.

But how are those items prepared for transit? What steps do full-service movers take when packing them? As a top provider of moving services in Denver, CO, we wanted to shine a light on this topic, so you know what to expect with these types of packing services.

What to Know About Specialty Packing and Unpacking Services in Denver

When you hire full-service movers, they can provide reliable packing and unpacking services to take that massive weight off your shoulders. They'll handle everything including furniture disassembly and reassembly, packing, and unpacking boxes, and can even help organize your rooms upon arrival. These types of moving services in Denver, CO can be total game-changers for your moving experience and are an absolute must if you can't spare the time for packing your things yourself.

Let's dive into the strategies and techniques that full-service movers use for your one-of-a-kind and delicate possessions.

Electronic Equipment

Ideally, the best way to pack and transport any electronics is in the manufacturer's original packaging. Those specialty boxes are custom-designed to provide cushioning and minimize the risk of movement during transit. However, most homeowners do not hold onto those boxes because they take up too much space.

When packing audio-visual technology like speakers, packing professionals will wrap those objects in protective cushioning and place them in large or medium-sized boxes.

Other types of sensitive electronic items, like laptops and screens, require more specialized packing materials. These should be wrapped in electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging, which helps protect against electrostatic buildups and preserves the condition of your electronics. Many smaller components in these devices, like MOSFET transistors and laser diodes, are sensitive to electrostatic voltages, so it's best to minimize the risk of ESD.

Large Fragile Items

Think of your bedroom mirrors, picture frames, and artwork: all these items can be incredibly fragile and sensitive to even the slightest disturbance. As such, they require a methodical and delicate packing process to ensure they are well preserved from point A to point B.

To properly pack up these fragile belongings, your movers will likely attach foam or cardboard corner protectors and use box cutters to create protective cardboard shields for both sides of these items. Once they're tapped together, those protective layers will help absorb impacts and prevent bending. As a final step, these items will be carefully wrapped with a layer of packing paper and bubble wrap.


The most appropriate packing method for your furniture items can depend on the size, type, and materials of each piece. However, most furniture articles from plush couches to dining room tables will need to be thoughtfully wrapped with soft packing materials, furniture pads, and moving blankets. Harder items, like wood chairs or tables, should be boxed in cardboard as well because those pieces lack extra cushioning.


Pianos are some of the most challenging items to pack and move due to their size, weight, and delicate internal components. When it comes to specialty packing and unpacking services for pianos, full-service movers will have specific strategies in place to ensure that these instruments are safely transported.

In general, all pianos must be custom-packed and will require a detailed preparation process. Extra care will be taken to accommodate the heavy weight and delicate inner mechanisms. For grand pianos, professional movers will typically disassemble the instrument by removing the legs, pedals, and music rack. The piano will then be carefully wrapped in moving blankets, secured with straps, and loaded onto a specialized piano board for safe transportation.

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