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Monday, 18 January 2016 14:37

Holiday Decorations: 24 Storage Tips


The holidays are over...ho-hum. Learn how to safely store your holiday decorations with these 24 tips.

    1. Did you like the way your decorations were arranged this year? Take a picture so you can do it again next year.
    2. Before you start packing your holiday decorations, declutter and throw away the decorations that you no longer want.
    3. Before purchasing storage containers, take inventory of how much you have to pack and then go buy containers.
    4. Say it with me. "Store like with like." AKA store fireplace garland with stockings.
    5. Have an artificial tree? Is it heavy? Store it on the same floor as it is used like an adjacent garage or closet.
    6. For an easy move, store your artificial tree in a rolling storage duffle. Wayfair has some stylish choices.
    7. To keep your lights from breaking and tangling, store them on a spool like this one.
    8. Ornaments can be very fragile. It is best to store them in a sturdy box that is stackable not crushable.
    9. Use dividers for storing ornaments and fragile items to keep them from breaking.
    10. Old cardboard wine boxes have dividers, which are perfect for storing fragile items like ornaments.
    11. Egg cartons are great for storing small ornaments or oddly shaped ones.
    12. Add bubble wrap or tissue paper when storing ornaments and delicate decorations for extra protection.
    13. Ornaments made from dried food (think kid projects) should be stored in an airtight container to keep the pests away.
    14. Keep candles in a climate-controlled storage area so that they don't melt in the hot summer months
    15. Avoid storing decorations in an attic or basement because the exposure to extreme temperatures can be damaging.
    16. You can purchase archival storage boxes to prevent decorations with natural fibers to keep from yellowing.
    17. Clear containers will let you easily find your decorations for next year.
    18. Always label the containers that you store your holiday decorations in.
    19. Protect wrapping paper from dust by sliding roll into the leg of old pantyhose & storing it under a bed or in a closet.
    20. Store tape and scissors with your wrapping paper so that your supplies are ready to go for next year.
    21. Packing up your decorations as a family? Designate tasks ahead of time for speedy packing.
    22. To prevent breaking, don't overstuff the boxes with holiday decorations.
    23. Wreaths are often too large for boxes. Consider buying a storage bag like this one.
    24. Run out of compartmentalized storage boxes? Substitute a plastic bag with lots of air trapped inside for extra cushion.

Properly storing your holiday decorations will allow you to preserve them and easily find them for next year. Our professional storage experts at Amazing Moves & Storage can help guide you. Contact us for more information.