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How Much Will My Move Cost? Advice for Moving in Denver

Are you moving out of state or across town? Are you worried about how much your move will cost? What should you expect to pay? How can you get the best deal? Moving in Denver can often come at a high cost, even if you are just moving down the block. We’re here to help.

Today, our movers will share top-quality advice to help you find movers that fit within your budget.

Cost Factors to Expect While Moving in Denver

Moving is highly stressful and can be one of the most significant life transitions that occur in most people's lives. Having a clear-cut plan for your move can save you from a lot of stress down the road, and that's why it's important to know what to expect for your moving costs.

Here are some things to keep in mind before your move:

1. Hidden Fees Can Be Common

You may have to pay extra hidden fees if you're moving with one company over another. If you decide to hire movers to help you move, make sure you take a close look at the fine print of your contract. You may be on the hook for a few extra hidden fees, like:

  • Packing supplies
  • Furniture disassembly and re-assembly
  • Elevator or stairs (flight charges)
  • Extra stops or express service fees
  • And more

These extra charges could range anywhere from a few bucks to several hundred dollars depending on the movers you hire. Any reputable moving and storage service will let you know upfront about any kind of hidden fees or costs, but make sure you ask and understand all the details before signing a contract.

2. Added Services Will Cost More

Some moving companies offer a full-service experience that includes transportation, packing services, storage options, and more. If you need packing services, keep in mind that will be an extra cost for your move.

The cost of packing services will depend on how much stuff there is to pack and how much time it takes. The amount of time it takes to pack up your belongings varies greatly based on the type of items you own. For example, furniture might take less time to pack, but boxes for electronics and clothing might take longer.

3. You May Need A Security Deposit

When you’re moving in Denver, keep in mind that some movers may require a security deposit. Make sure you read over the contract carefully before signing anything.

4. Moving Insurance Isn’t Always Free

When you sign your contract, you automatically get Basic Limited Liability Protection. This is a form of moving insurance that is free of charge, but is not comprehensive. In fact, the most basic form of valuation coverage for your possessions will only provide $0.60 per pound per item. So, if your expensive TV gets busted on moving day, you’ll get reimbursed for a fraction of your initial purchase price.

As such, it’s a good idea to check if your movers provide Full Value Protection options. This is a more comprehensive version of the coverage that reimburses you closer to the actual value of your possessions.

5. Account for Packing Supplies

Ask your movers about packing supplies, but keep in mind those materials will be an extra cost. Many services will supply you with packing materials such as tape, bubble wrap, plastic sheeting, and other packing supplies. These are essential tools for making sure your belongings don't get damaged during the move.

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