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How to Meet People in Denver

If you’ve just moved to the Mile High City, meeting people may seem overwhelming, especially considering Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. So, how do you make new friends? Here are some suggestions on how to meet people in Denver.

Try a Meet-Up or Bevylife Group

In a digitally-centric world, there are a number of tools online to help you find people who like to do the same things you do. It can be tough to weed out the ones that work and the ones that don't. There are a few platforms that have figured out how to help you meet people in a new city. No matter what your interests, Meetup has a group for you. Chances are, you're not the only person who is new to the city who is looking to meet people in Denver with your same shared interests. You can scroll through the site to find local events or search by category to find activities that interest you. With recreational activities like sports and happy hours, as well as professional development opportunities where you can learn new skills, and even support-style groups to help you meet other single parents or other newly-divorced singles, Meetup has anything and everything you could need to meet people like you in a new area.

If you’re single and wondering how to meet people in Denver, Bevylife is the perfect place to can find activities to meet other singles. This platform takes dating apps like Tinder to a new (and realistic) level. Similar to Meetup, you can search based on your interests and find groups of other singles in the area who are planning related activities.

Head to a Brewery

Denver has hundreds of amazing breweries. Many have outdoor sections which allow you to take advantage of the beautiful weather while engaging in conversation. Food trucks are often parked outside, allowing for spontaneous conversation while you’re waiting in line for snacks. With outdoor games like cornhole, it is easy to strike up a conversation with others. Not sure what things a brewery you'd like to try might offer? You can't go wrong with bringing a frisbee or a football to toss around. This is the perfect idea for someone who is a little more shy and isn't sure how to meet people in Denver, it will bring others to you!

Bring Your Dog with You

If you're not athletically inclined, your pup can be another option to help you meet people. Denver is an incredibly dog-friendly city, with many restaurants allowing dogs on the patio. The Watering Bowl in southeast Denver, is a bar with a giant fenced-in dog park, so you can enjoy a drink while your dog has a blast. It’s a great place for meeting dog-friendly people. You can also check out the Active Dog Colorado to see what kinds of dog-friendly meet-ups and group activities are happening near you.


Wondering how to meet people in Denver and make a difference? Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to the local community. Denver has thousands of volunteer opportunities, so it won’t be hard to find something that interests you. Look at Denver’s listings on to see which local organizations can use some extra help. It’s a positive way to get to know people who are civic minded and who share your interests.

Join A Gym

Denver is an incredibly active community, so if you're looking for another idea for how to meet people in Denver, a gym or fitness program is a great way to make friends and get your sweat on. Many gyms offer classes which is a fun way to exercise and helps you bridge the gap between meeting people at the gym and feeling like you're interrupting someone's workout.

A Guide On How To Meet People In Denver

Moving to Denver doesn’t mean you’ll be friendless. Use these suggestions, and you’ll have new friends in no time. And if you need help with your Denver move, get in touch with us at Amazing Moves. With our professional, reliable moving, packing, and storage, you’ll have the best move possible.