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How To Identify Signs Of Good And Bad Moving Companies In Colorado

Moving is never an easy task. You and your family are leaving an old life behind to start out a brand new one. It’s an emotional time and you want to ensure that your transition is as seamless as possible. As you prepare for your move, you’ve probably begun to research various movers. The moving company that you choose can have a big influence on the success of your move. So, what does a good moving company look like? How can you tell a bad moving company from a good one? Let’s go over some of the tell-tale signs that you should look out for when deciding between moving companies in Colorado.

What To Look For In Moving Companies In Colorado

High-quality movers will display a number of important attributes. As you compare moving companies in Colorado, make sure your top choices display a few of these characteristics.

Reputable Online Presence

Chances are you’ve started to research moving companies thoroughly online. This is an important step in your decision process. You can tell a lot about a moving company based on their online reputation and their digital presence.

We know this may sound tedious, but your in-depth research will be valuable. When you research moving companies in Colorado, take the time to check out their websites, online reviews, and social media presence. Do they publish content regularly? Do they respond to customer reviews? How active is the company on social media? Their activity levels across those digital mediums will indicate how much they value customer service. When they regularly interact with and respond to customers online, it is usually a good sign of a high-quality moving company.

The Better Business Bureau can also be a key indicator on the quality of a mover. BBB ratings and customer complaints will show you what kind of business you’re dealing with. High-quality moving companies in Colorado will also have established core values. Those values can be another big tell on the overall quality of a mover. Make sure their online presence reflects their core values as well.

Proven Expertise Across Moving Services

Your moving company shouldn’t just be restricted to just moving services. Most high-quality moving companies in Colorado will offer a variety of services beyond just moving. At Amazing Moves, for instance, we offer packing services, storage options, and even designer services too. By combining the services together, you can make your move seamless, wonderful, and easy. Only high-quality movers will offer those additional services.

You can double check the nature of these services through the reviews you find online. They will indicate whether a company has reputable expertise on a given service. If they have written thoroughly on those services as well, it’s a sign that they know what they’re talking about.

Accurate In-Home Estimates

This is one of the clearer signs of high-quality movers. After an in-person examination of your stuff, your movers should give you an accurate estimate on your moving costs. They shouldn’t gloss over hidden fees or extra costs. Their estimate should be thorough, crystal clear, and easy to understand. Only the best moving companies in Colorado will be honest and transparent with their estimates.

The Red Flags Of Bad Moving Companies

There are plenty of tell-tale signs of lower-quality moving companies. Some of the signs can vary on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule of thumb, avoid moving companies that display the following characteristics.

Suspicious Quotes

Some moving companies may lure you in with incredible quotes. If the estimate seems too good to be true, then it probably is. There are a number of suspicious quoting practices that you should look out for. Steer clear of a moving company if they:

  • Offer quotes over the phone.
  • Make promises to beat the prices of their competitors.
  • Want you to sign an incomplete contract.

Accurate estimates can only be given after an in-person evaluation. Your movers need to see the reality of your move in-person to provide you with an accurate estimate on your total moving costs.

Questionable Licensure And Insurance

Never work with a moving company that is not licensed or is uninsured! If they lack the proper licensing and insurance, you might actually be looking at a moving scam. Those two pieces are integral elements to a reputable high-quality moving company. As you research moving companies in Colorado, look up their licensure on the Colorado Public Utilities Commission database. This will give you some guidance as to whether they’re a legit operation or not.

Little-To-No Knowledge Of The Local Area

Of course, movers shouldn’t be expected to know every urban legend in a local town or Colorado area. It is impossible to stay fully up-to-date with all of the neighborhood news. However, high-quality moving companies in Colorado should be at least somewhat knowledgeable about the area that you’re moving to in the state.

Try to test their local knowledge a little bit. Ask them some questions about the area you’re moving to (e.g., local hotspots, tourist attractions, etc.). If they fail to answer those questions, then some red flags should be going up. Local movers should always demonstrate some familiarity with the local areas.

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