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Key Moving Terms Explained by Interstate Movers in Denver

We all know that moving into a new home can be a hassle, but it's even harder when you're moving across the country and you're unfamiliar with the confusing terminology of the industry. As you gather moving quotes, you'll see acronyms like PAD and COD and terms like bill of lading, accessorial charges, and more. We asked our interstate movers in Denver to clarify these terms and make it easier to understand how they all connect.

We aim to make every move simply amazing, and with our insights on industry terminology, you can enjoy a smoother move and easily chat with your movers at every stage of the process.

Must-Know Moving Terminology: Thoughts from Interstate Movers in Denver

This is not an exhaustive list of moving terms. Our movers hear more questions from homeowners and renters alike about the following key terms than others, so we wanted to clearly define these terms before hitting others.

If you have any specific questions about other moving terms and acronyms, please reach out! We're always happy to discuss all things related to the moving process.

Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is a crucial document in the moving industry that serves as the final contract between the shipper (you) and the carrier (the moving company). This legally binding document outlines every detail of your move, including the pickup and delivery dates, the items being moved, charges for all requested services, information on insurance coverage, and any special instructions or services requested.

Once this document is generated and shared with the customer and the moving company, all the work outlined in the document must be completed and paid for at the listed price.


Short for cash on delivery, C.O.D. is an agreement that some movers, but not all, can accept for moving services. Under this agreement, the customer will make a cash payment to the moving company upon delivery to the destination.

C.O.D. is not the only payment option available to you, as you may pay for services via credit card. Make sure you've determined the appropriate payment method for your needs before you sign the contract.

Delivery Report

After your belongings have been delivered to your new home, the moving company will provide you with a delivery report to verify the details. It serves as a record of the condition of your items upon arrival and highlights any issues that may have occurred during the move.

It is important to carefully review this report and note any discrepancies before signing off on the delivery. This will help ensure that any damages or losses are properly documented and can be appropriately resolved with the moving company.

Estimates: Binding & Non-Binding

When you start to gather estimates from interstate movers, they'll provide one of the following types of estimates:

  • Binding – This agreement is a guaranteed estimate of your total moving costs, based on the weight of your items and any additional moving services. A "binding" estimate will not change, but the addition of new services and other factors may affect your final invoice.
  • Non-Binding – This agreement is a rough approximation of your total moving costs, based on the estimated weight of your items and any additional moving services. Because it is "non-binding," the final cost in your contract will likely be very different.

You may also come across binding "not-to-exceed" estimates, which are the most popular option for long-distance moves. This is because "not-to-exceed" estimates set a cap on the maximum cost of the move, meaning that you will not pay more than the estimated amount, but you may pay less if the actual weight of your items is lower than expected.

Flight Charge

A flight charge is an additional fee that interstate moving companies in Denver may implement for carrying items up or down flights of stairs. This fee is typically based on the number of flights of stairs involved in the move and can vary depending on the specific moving company's policies.

If your old home or new property is in a building with multiple floors and no elevator, you may be subject to a flight charge.


If you're looking for an alternative to full-service movers, a freight-service moving company could be the right fit for your needs. Freight-service movers are different because they transport your goods directly from your old doorstop to your new one. They won't move any possessions into your home, unpack any boxes, or provide any moving materials or additional services.

This service is typically used for larger, bulkier items or for commercial moves that involve transporting a large quantity of goods. Freight-service offers a lower price point for your move and can provide other benefits, but you'll need to do all the packing in advance, and you lose out on many perks that come with full-service movers.

Impractical Operations

Impractical operations refer to specific circumstances that make it difficult or impossible for the moving company to carry out the move as planned. Each moving company may have different standards for "impractical operations," but they could include issues like narrow hallways, steep driveways, or limited parking at either the old or new property. If your interstate movers encounter impractical operations on moving day, they may charge additional fees for the extra time and effort required to complete the move.

Inherent Vice

In the moving industry, "inherent vice" refers to the natural deterioration or susceptibility of certain items to damage that prevents your movers from moving them. Fragile antiques, for instance, are more prone to damage due to their age and nature.

It's important to discuss any items with an inherent vice with your chosen interstate movers in Denver before the move begins so you can have an action plan for moving those things.

Line-Haul Charges

Line-haul charges are more common with long-distance/interstate moves because these are uniquely calculated moving fees. Line-haul charges are calculated by the mileage and weight of a shipment. That means you can expect higher line-haul charges for greater distances, and vice versa.

Long Carry Charge

Manually carrying boxes across long distances is never fun, especially when you don't have equipment like a dolly. That's why some movers may apply a long carry charge if the distance between your home and the moving truck is excessive. This charge typically applies when the movers cannot park directly in front of your residence, requiring them to carry your items a longer distance to load or unload them.

The specific distance that constitutes a "long carry" can vary depending on the moving company, so it's a good idea to check with your interstate movers in Denver about their specific policy. And make sure on your moving day that you have a designated parking spot set up for your movers.


PBO stands for "packed by owner," which is exactly what it sounds like. PBO designates when items are packed by a customer and not the moving company.


PAD stands for "preferred arrival date," which is the date a customer requests for the delivery of their items.

Peak Season Rates

Like many other industries, moving companies commonly experience peaks and valleys in terms of demand and busyness. Summertime is generally considered to be the peak of the moving season, and many moving companies will increase their rates throughout the peak season.


In some instances, customers can request a reweigh of their total inventory upon delivery. If requested, the final charges will be re-calculated based on the new net weight.

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