Monday, 09 November 2015 01:00

Moving? 30 Painting Tips to Spruce Up Your New Home

Moving to a new home? Painting is one of the least expensive ways to makeover a room. Learn how to become a pro and master your next project with these 30 painting tips.

    1. Half painted walls give the illusion of higher ceilings and are super trendy.
    2. Before you start painting, use a lint roller to get the extra fuzz off of the paint roller.
    3. Dust and wipe down your walls with a wet Swiffer before painting.
    4. For easy clean up, line a paint tray with a plastic bag or aluminum foil.
    5. Need a quick fix for a paint and brush holder? Use a milk jug. The spout can hold the brushes.
    6. Be sure to tap nails into the bottom of each leg when painting a table or chair.
    7. Painting a heavier piece? Use bed raisers to hold it up.
    8. Having trouble reaching tight spaces? Add an edging pad to a mix stick to make a long-reach paint pad.
    9. Protect objects like the bathroom toilet and sink with plastic wrap.
    10. Avoid awkward streaks by trimming off the excess edges of the paint roller.
    11. Rolling your paint in a “W” shape is the best way to get an even finish.
    12. Having trouble deciding on colors? Here is a great website where you can preview your paint colors: My Colortopia
    13. Are there areas you don't want painted, like screws or hinges of your doors? Spread vaseline with Q-Tips on those areas.
    14. Always keep a wet rag handy to wipe up any paint slip-ups.
    15. Pimples aren’t the only things that can be cleaned up with alcohol-based wipes. Paint comes right up with those bad boys.
    16. Precision Q-tips will be your best friend when wiping up small mistakes.
    17. Have a headache? To help with paint fumes, mix in a tablespoon of vanilla extract to your paint.
    18. Do you have old tape that doesn’t stick? Place it in the microwave for 10 seconds and it’ll act brand spankin’ new.
    19. Wipe down your metal piece with vinegar before painting it.
    20. Spray painting something small? Place the item inside of a cardboard box for easy cleanup.
    21. Refurbishing old, wood furniture? Use wood filler for the dents and scratches.
    22. When painting furniture, only go in one direction to avoid roller marks. And if it’s wood, be sure to paint with the grain.
    23. Peel painter’s tape off shortly after the paint dries to avoid chipping.
    24. Remove paint tape at an angle to ensure a clean line.
    25. Painting lines? For crisp and clean lines, seal the edges first with the original color and then let dry before adding the new color.
    26. To clean paintbrushes covered in dirty and pesky paint, soak in hot vinegar for 30 minutes.
    27. Fix uneven baseboards with caulk before painting.
    28. Store your paint can by covering it with plastic wrap first to keep the lid from sticking.
    29. Label what color the paint is and what room/wall you used it on to make your touch-ups easy.
    30. To get an antique look, rub candle wax over the wood before painting.