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Moving Cross-Country? Tips from Long-Distance Movers in Denver

The decision to move out of state is never an easy one to make, but it could be the perfect choice for your family. Be warned: the trek across the country can be arduous for many. Our long-distance movers in Denver know how tough those cross-country relocation processes can be. And we want to help make the journey as easy as possible for you and your family.

We're here to provide expert insights to help ensure you experience a smooth and successful move into your new home. Just stick with these tips and you'll be right on track for a great fresh start!

What to Keep in Mind: Advice from Expert Long-Distance Movers in Denver

Did you know that long-distance moves have become quite popular in recent years? This is mainly due to the increasing adoption of remote work practices across the United States. Many people now have the freedom and mobility needed through work to find new places to put down roots wherever they like in the country.

Whether you fit into this work category or not, you can't expect your upcoming move to go off without a hitch. There are many things that you need to carefully consider before you drastically change your living situation. Don't worry: we're here to help you prepare with these essential long-distance moving tips.

Carefully Compare Moving Methods

The moving industry has experienced significant growth and change over the past few decades. Now, there is an abundance of long-distance moving companies in Denver and across the country, so you have no shortage of options to consider. However, you're traveling a great distance, and that increases risk during your move.

If you're concerned about costs, timing, flexibility, convenience, and/or reliability, you'll need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of various moving methods like:

  • Portable Storage Container Services - A great DIY solution for long-distance moves; it's convenient and affordable. However, these storage units lack reliable protection for your possessions, and you will get next to no assistance or dependable customer service when packing or unpacking.
  • Renting a Moving Truck - This DIY approach gives you more control over the safety of your possessions and might be a cost-effective route. But you'll need to handle all the labor and there's no guarantee it will cost less than movers in the long run.
  • Professional Long-Distance Movers - While movers can come at a higher cost than these other two methods, you can count on their expertise, professionalism, and customer service.

Budget for Unexpected Expenses

Compared to local or intrastate moves, long-distance relocations often entail more unforeseen expenses. For instance, let's assume you're moving from Colorado to Florida: you'll travel several hundred miles over multiple days, and so will your movers. This means, there is significant risk throughout the travel time, and you'll need to budget for all kinds of potential surprise costs like:

  • Necessary repairs or maintenance for vehicles
  • Meals and lodging accommodations on the road
  • Storage fees and/or delayed delivery fees
  • Costs for extra stops and fuel charges

Having a financial buffer will help alleviate stress and ensure you're prepared for any surprises along the journey.

Be Flexible and Plan for Delays

In most cases, long-distance movers in Denver can make any relocation go smoothly with the right planning and preparation. However, as we just mentioned, interstate moves can present all sorts of unexpected challenges and it's important to be patient and flexible to navigate those hiccups.

For example, adverse weather conditions and seasonal factors like hailstorms, tornado warnings, or heavy snow can force you to delay your move. Or what if a family member experiences a medical emergency and you must postpone your move until they've recovered? Do you have a contingency plan for either scenario? If not, your entire move may be thrown into disarray, and you may end up footing serious fees to your moving company.

In those types of situations, it's helpful to have storage solutions available and ready to book at a moment's notice. With the right full-service long-distance movers in Denver, you can have your movers relocate all or some of your possessions into their on-site temporary storage units. This solution can be invaluable when your interstate move is delayed or postponed.

Whatever the case may be, it's a good idea to have backup plans ready for your move or you risk incurring significant financial headaches.

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