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6 Moving FAQs Answered By Our Top Movers In Denver, CO

Over the years, we have helped thousands of families move into new homes across Colorado and the rest of the US. During that time, we’ve received and answered a great wealth of questions posed by homeowners just like you. Since customer service is our top priority at Amazing Moves, we wanted to be proactive and answer your questions in advance. We talked with our movers in Denver, CO to develop in-depth answers to a few of the top moving FAQs that we hear all the time. We hope that these answers will help give you a nice jumpstart for your upcoming move.

Keep in mind the fact that every move is different! You’ll encounter moving challenges and develop moving needs that will be unique to your personal situation. If you don’t see the answer to your question listed here, feel free to give us a call! Our movers are always happy to leverage their industry expertise for those who need it.

How Is My Moving Estimate Calculated?

The overall cost of your move depends on the total amount of work, time, and moving services that your movers provide. An accurate moving estimate will take into account multiple factors in order to generate a reliable price point. These factors may include:

  • The distance of your move
  • The size of your move
  • The weight of your belongings
  • The total length of your move
  • The time of year you’re moving
  • Any additional specialty services or expensive belongings

Online estimate tools can provide you with a rough idea of your anticipated moving budget. However, you need to keep in mind that those online estimates are non-binding. You’ll only get an accurate and binding estimate from an in-person consultation with a moving company representative. They’ll give you a more in-depth breakdown of how your moving costs are calculated.

What Kind Of Moving Insurance Do I Need?

Under Colorado state law, all registered movers in Denver, CO are required to offer at least two different cargo valuation options. To be clear, cargo valuation is not the same thing as insurance. These valuation options just outline the liability your moving company assumes when they move your belongings. With most companies, you’ll need to select one of the two following valuation options.

  • Limited Liability Coverage - In the event your items are damaged or lost in transit, this liability option would calculate the value of those goods at a rate of $0.60/pound per item. This coverage is the bare minimum that’s required by law and it is typically offered at no extra cost.
  • Full Replacement Cost Coverage - Under this option, you recover either the actual cash value of your broken/lost belongings, the cost of restoring the items, or the cost of replacing them. This blanket coverage comes with a high initial cost and you may need to pay a deductible to get reimbursed as well.

Like we said earlier, every move is different. It’s not always easy to tell which coverage option is right for your move. When it comes to most moving situations, it’s better to be safe than sorry. In our professional opinion, we feel that the full replacement cargo valuation is usually the right way to go with any move. Check out our moving insurance FAQ to learn more.

If My Goods Are Damaged Or Lost, How Soon Do I Need To File My Claim?

In the event that your possessions become lost or damaged during your move, you’ll need to file a claim to receive compensation. Ideally, you should file your claim as soon as possible, as some programs may take upwards of 120 days to resolve a claim. In any case, you have approximately 9 months from the final date of your delivery to file your claim. Just make sure you’ve got the right pieces of critical documentation in order to ensure the approval of your claim.

Which Of My Moving Expenses Are Tax Deductible?

No one likes to think about their taxes (especially when the deadline is still far off in the future). But, your move into a new home may come with plenty of costs, which may present great opportunities for tax deductions. These deductible expenses will help maximize your tax refund and increase your spending power next spring. You may be able to deduct common moving costs such as:

  • Shipping, crating, and unpacking costs
  • The costs of shipping your car to your new location
  • Lodging costs while en route to your new home
  • Cost of moving pets
  • Transportation of your old property to your new one

Of course, not every family will be eligible for these deductions. Your employment status is usually the main qualifying factor for these kinds of moving tax deductions. We’d recommend that you speak with a tax professional before you deduct any moving costs from your taxes.

What Moving Paperwork Can I Expect To Receive?

At various points throughout your move, you will receive a number of different pieces of paperwork from your movers in Denver, Colorado. Aside from your initial estimate, you’ll receive at least two additional pieces of critical information.

Your moving company will provide you with an order for service for your move. Movers are required to prepare orders for service for each shipment they transport from an individual shipper. You’re entitled to a copy of this order when it’s prepared, but just remember it is not your contract. This order for service will note your estimated moving costs, additional specialty services, and pick-up and delivery dates.

You will also receive a bill of lading from your movers in Denver, otherwise known as your official moving contract. This legal document will outline the same information shown on your order for service. Your driver is required to give you a copy of this bill before loading any items onto their vehicle and you must sign the document before any work can begin.

Remember to read through your bill of lading carefully before you sign it!If you don’t agree with a part of the contract, don’t sign it until you’re satisfied that it shows the services you want. Hang onto this document until your shipment is delivered, your charges are paid, and all claims are settled.

What Do I Need To Know About Pick-Up And Delivery Dates?

As your move gets closer, you’ll work with your movers in Denver, CO to confirm the dates of your pick-up and delivery. On your order for service, you may see an initial spread of dates for picking up your belongings and delivering them to your new home. Make sure you work with your movers to translate these time frames into specific calendar dates on your order for service and your bill of lading.

On your pick-up date, remember:

  • To make sure you receive a bill of lading from the movers who are responsible for transporting your things. Get their contact information and make sure the information on that bill of lading is consistent with what you’ve agreed upon.
  • You are responsible to accept pick-up for each day on the spread of dates listed in your contract.
  • To be present to oversee the loading of your furniture to ensure nothing gets left behind.

On your delivery date, don’t forget:

  • Your delivery driver is only bound to the spread of dates listed on your order for service and your bill of lading. Even if the driver gave a specific date when they loaded up your things, remember that their word is not legally binding.
  • You’re responsible to accept delivery from the first date to the last date of your delivery spread dates.
  • It is your responsibility to list the condition of your shipment when it arrives. Your driver will only list the condition of your shipment when they initially pick-up your things.
  • Your driver may expect payment of transportation charges before the truck can be unloaded.

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