Thursday, 05 January 2017 14:23

Organizing and Decluttering Before A Move

Organizing your home before you move is one of the best ways to reduce stress during the moving process. Decluttering before you even begin packing will make your move so much easier. Here are some of our best decluttering and organizing tips to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Before you move, declutter - go through your belongings and make piles for items to keep, donate, and throw away.
  2. Store cleaning supplies near areas where spills are more likely to occur to make cleaning up quicker and easier.
  3. Create an area by the door for shoes, backpacks, and coats to prevent everyday items from creating more clutter.
  4. Toss stuff you don’t need anymore - for every new item you buy, get rid of three things you already own.
  5. Get rid of any holiday decorations you didn’t use this past year – chances are you won’t use them again.
  6. Invest in a label maker – placing labels on boxes makes a world of difference when trying to figure out what’s inside!
  7. Keep a schedule for cleaning – designating specific chores to certain days will help you stay on track with your move.
  8. Keep a junk drawer – having an organized junk drawer can be useful by keeping items without a home out of sight.
  9. Keep closet cleaning supplies in order by using an over-the-door pocket shoe organizer.
  10. Make more room in your dresser and help prevent wrinkles by rolling your clothes instead of folding them.
  11. Magazine holders are a great way to store plastic wrap and baggies and ensures boxes won’t get stuck inside drawers.
  12. Packing and moving can take some time – get started on decluttering as soon as you can so you don’t have to move anything you don’t need.
  13. If you can’t decide what clothes to get rid of, ask yourself, “have I worn this in the past year?” If not, it should be donated.
  14. Be practical about your decluttering – start in one part of one room and work your way through your belongings one by one.
  15. Do a 30 day declutter challenge - Pick a different task for everyday of the month and stick with it – your move will be so much easier!
  16. Many charity organizations will pickup unwanted goods – give them a call a week or two before your move to pick up items you’ll no longer want.

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