Tuesday, 30 May 2017 11:16

Packing Fragile Items

Bubble Wrap

First, use the old standards of packing paper and bubble wrap. Fill the bottoms of boxes with crumpled packing paper (or old newspapers!). Then, use bubble wrap to wrap individual items and place them in the box. Fill in the gaps with more paper and your belongings will stay safe.

Double Tape and Don’t Overpack

With heavier breakables, it's always good to double tape your boxes shut and make sure you don't over-pack. This helps avoid the bottoms of boxes blowing out, sending your fragile items onto the floor. Make sure to read our information on how to move heavy items if you are having trouble.

Use Creative Substitutes

If you're out of bubble wrap, you can use lots of different substitutes that are lying around the house. Fill in gaps with old stuffed animals and wrap individual items with clothes and linens. Shredded phonebook pages can often double for packing peanuts. Repurposing other items to help your breakables stay safe will reduce the number of boxes you need to move and maximize efficiency. Get creative!

Tape and Cardboard

When dealing with glass-in frames, make sure to fill in the frame with paper and cover the front with tape. This keeps your picture frames and mirrors from shattering while you move. Tape can also help with oddly shaped items, just cut two pieces of cardboard to the shape of the item and place them on either side. Use ample amounts of tape to connect the two pieces. Then use packing paper to keep your specialty items secure.

Individually Wrap

Kitchen items like glasses and plates should be individually wrapped and placed in the box with the heaviest at the bottom and the lightest on the top. Make sure you don't overpack but keep the items snug with packing paper. Pack your plates vertically, don't lay them flat.

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