Friday, 16 February 2018 14:08

Preparing For A Winter Move: A How-To Guide

The cold winter weather will break through to the rainy start of spring here shortly. Regardless of the season, the first part of the year is filled with unpredictable weather. What was a 72 degrees and sunny forecast one day can turn into a cloudy with a chance of rain prediction the next. This makes setting a weatherproof moving date difficult, so our Denver movers prepared a guide to help you prepare for a move in any kind of weather that may make its way through the Centennial state this spring.

Denver Movers On A Winter Move

There are a couple of weather-related threats that come with a winter move. You may run into ice, snow, bitter cold, or a mixture of the three.

What To Wear

For a winter move, our Denver movers recommend dressing in layers. Once you have started loading and unloading boxes and furniture, a heavy coat can make even a negative wind chill a little toasty. Layers that are easy to take off and put back on depending on whether you are working indoors or outdoors will make temperature control much easier.

Don't forget to bring winter weather accessories like a hat, gloves, a scarf, extra socks, and boots. You may also want to pack hand warmers to slide inside your gloves while you are working outside.

How To Pack

First thing is first – if it is snowing or icy outside on the day of your move, the most helpful tools you can bring will be a shovel and salt. Clearing a path from your moving truck to your home of snow and ice will not only help keep you safe as you walk in and out but also help prevent slipping and dropping boxes of valuable or fragile items.

That being said, if you are moving while it is still cold out and the threat of ice looms, our Denver movers recommend using extra packing paper or bubble wrap. Especially for your boxes with breakable items, it is a good idea to provide a little extra cushion that can save your belongings from disaster if there is an accident on a slick patch of ice.

Consider packing your things in waterproof tubs, rather than traditional cardboard boxes. Once you get your moving boxes inside, unpack them as quickly as possible to avoid leaking moisture onto your belongings. For furniture and other large items that won't be in boxes or bins, wrap them in tarps to protect them from the water.

Denver Movers On A Rainy Move

If your move happens to coincide with a springtime rainstorm, don't fret. Our Denver movers have the keys to a seamless (albeit wet) move.

What To Wear

For a rainy move, the more waterproof your clothing, the better! You'll want to wear a rain jacket or poncho and rain boots. You may also want to pack a spare change of clothes to wear once you are finished unloading and are inside so that you are not stuck in soggy, damp clothes.

Our Denver movers recommend leaving the umbrella in the car. You only have so many hands and you're likely going to get wet anyway. Without the umbrella, you have better control over the boxes you are moving so you are less likely to drop anything and you will be able to move faster, meaning you'll get out of the rain faster.

How To Pack

Similar to a snowy move, you will want to pack your belongings into waterproof bins and unpack as soon as possible. Wrap large furniture in tarps to protect your things from water. As soon as everything is inside, unwrap the large pieces by pulling the edges inwards. This will prevent water from rolling off the tarps and help you keep things as dry as possible.

Be sure to have extra towels on hand to soak up any water. When you are bringing your things in, put everything in one room where the floors are protected to prevent any damage to your new home from water or mud.

Denver Movers On A Sunny Move

If you are lucky enough to avoid rain or snow on your moving day, our Denver movers have a few tips to help you brave the heat and sun.

What To Wear

When it comes to moving in nice weather, the most important thing you can wear is sunscreen. It is easy to forget about your skin when you have a million other things on your to-do list, but you definitely don't want to unpack and set up a new house with a sunburn. You will also want to wear a hat and sunglasses for maximum sun protection. Plus, keeping the sun out of your eyes means you won't be squinting all day long.

How To Pack

When the weather is nice, there are much fewer precautions to take to keep your belongings safe. Pack as you normally would and enjoy the sunshine.

A Few Extra Tips From Denver Pros

No matter the weather, you want to keep your house clean. Before you start unloading and traipsing in and out of your home, line the carpets or hardwoods with plastic sheeting or tarps to keep them protected from wet or dirty shoes.

Be sure to call a few days before you are set to move in and get your utilities set up. If it is cold out, you will want the heat on and if it is warm, you'll want the AC going. Crossing this off your to-do list early will help make your move more comfortable.

Finally, if you are using a moving company, familiarize yourself with the contract. Make sure you understand what conditions your moving company will or won't move you in and if there is a charge for rescheduling.

With this guide from our Denver movers, you can be prepared to move in any kind of weather without much hassle. If you have an upcoming move, contact Amazing Moves today for a quote.