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4 Key Questions to Ask Colorado Moving and Storage Companies

A moving and storage company can streamline your move in numerous ways. From the convenience to the time savings, you stand to gain a lot by hiring professional movers. But before you hire the first company you stumble across, make sure you take the time to vet various Colorado moving and storage companies.

Your choice of movers will have a great influence on the success of your moving experience. If you don't properly vet and research local companies, you may get stuck with subpar movers.

How to Vet Moving and Storage Companies

You don't have to spend countless hours searching for reliable movers near you. The vetting process can actually be simple and straightforward when you know what to look for.

Here are a few easy steps to find and vet moving and storage companies:

  • Ask for referrals from friends and family
  • Read through customer reviews and testimonials on third-party sites (e.g., Google, BBB, etc.)
  • Seek out several estimates and carefully compare those quotes
  • Check for any common red flags (e.g., lack of license or insurance, irregular payment structures, hidden fees, etc.)

Key Questions for Colorado Moving and Storage Companies

If you've followed the steps outlined above, you'll have narrowed down a list of options to a few trustworthy movers. But don't sign a contract just yet!

To ensure you're hiring the right company for your needs, make sure you ask your movers these 4 questions first.

How Long Has Your Business Been in Operation?

Experience matters, plain and simple. The more experience a professional has, the more you can trust their skills and workmanship.

It's best to hire a moving company that's been established in the area for many years. Experience is the best teacher, after all. So, you can expect those well-established moving businesses to have greater industry knowledge on best practices. And they'll likely have plenty of experience with your type of move too.

At Amazing Moves, for instance, we were founded in 2003 and have steadily grown in the Denver metro area since. Throughout the past decades, we've helped thousands of families move locally throughout the state and across the country. That kind of extensive experience will come in handy for your upcoming move.

How Does Your Company Handle Disputes, Complaints, or Claims?

Ideally, your moving experience will be smooth, stress-free, and successful. But you can't predict the future.

If a problem arises during your moving experience, such as a breach of contract, then you might need to file a complaint or claim against your moving company (

That's why it's important to gauge how your movers may respond to your complaint. Some movers may not be very friendly and may dispute your complaint, which may drag out your conflict.

Make sure you hire a moving and storage company that prioritizes customer service and is willing to resolve complaints professionally and promptly.

What Storage Solutions Can You Provide?

Moving can be a complicated process with many moving pieces. In many situations, you may have no choice but to store your items temporarily or get a long-term storage solution.

Here are just a few of the common scenarios when you might need temporary storage:

  • You're moving into a fixer-upper and need storage during the renovations.
  • You're downsizing and moving simultaneously.
  • You have belongings with multiple owners.
  • You're currently staging your home for resale.
  • You're moving on short notice and need some leeway for your plans.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, then take some time to evaluate the storage options offered by your moving company.

Can You Outline All of Your Moving Fees?

Your movers will outline all of their projected costs in your estimate, but it's worth inquiring about any additional fees. There are many different fees that may be tacked onto your bill when hiring a moving company. These may include fees for things like:

  • Oversized items (e.g., pool tables, pianos, safes, etc.)
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Elevator and stair fees (flight charges)
  • Environmental charges (i.e., safe disposal of moving products)

By asking this question, you'll be able to get a clear picture of your final moving costs. And it will help you evaluate whether your movers are honest and trustworthy too.

Get Your Estimate from a Top Colorado Moving and Storage Company

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