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Top Questions To Ask Movers In Denver Colorado

Moving into a new home can often be a stressful and hectic process. With all the packing and pressing responsibilities, you have a lot on your plate. A moving company can help lighten your workload and ensure a more pleasant moving day. That doesn’t mean that just any kind of movers will do the best job though. You have your choice of movers in Denver Colorado and frankly many of them aren’t worth your time. How can you ensure that you’ve landed on the right moving company for your big day?

It really just comes down to vetting each mover that you talk to. Online research will only get you so far. The best way to learn if a mover is right for your family is through an in-person conversation. When a mover stops by to provide you with a moving estimate, use the time to ask them some insightful questions. It’s one of the best vetting methods that you can leverage.

What You Need To Ask Your Movers In Denver Colorado

There are, of course, many factors that you should weigh when comparing moving companies in Colorado. From price estimates to extra specialty services, you need to think through every detail carefully. These questions can help split the difference for you. Ask the following questions to uncover helpful insights about each moving company that you’re considering.

Are You Properly Licensed?

This should be the first question that you ask any movers in Denver Colorado. Hundreds of homeowners fall victim to moving scams in the U.S. every year. Those kinds of scams can often result in significant financial losses and plenty of headaches. You can avoid succumbing to a moving scam by checking the license of each moving company.

Ask to see the moving licenses of all movers that you talk with. Every interstate mover must have a registered license number with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. At the state level, local movers should be licensed within Colorado as well. Just make sure your preferred movers carry the appropriate license to fit your moving needs.

Do You Have Experience With My Type Of Move?

Every moving day is similar, but no move is ever the same as the next. Different housing situations can make moving day tricky for many individuals. For instance, you could be moving from a spacious apartment to a compact multi-storied townhouse. In this scenario, your move could be impacted by parking restrictions, small doorways, a lack of elevators, and other challenges.

Are your movers ready to tackle those kinds of problems that may develop during your move? The right movers will be fully prepared to address any issues or challenges that arise on moving day.

What Kind Of Liability Coverage Can You Provide?

Mistakes happen all the time, even on moving day. Your personal possessions could suffer from damages and they might even break during the move. While you want everything to go smoothly, you need to be prepared for any mistakes. Liability coverage can help protect the value of any broken items.

Professional movers in Denver, Colorado should have a few different liability coverage options for you to choose from. These policies can vary from one mover to another. While you may have to pay for some coverage options, it is well worth the cost. Interstate moving companies are required by law to offer two types of liability options:

  • Full Value Protection - Under this coverage, the mover is liable for the replacement value of lost or damaged goods. The cost of this coverage option will vary by the moving company.
  • Released Value Protection - This protection is usually offered at no additional charge. Just know that this protection is very limited. Under this protection, the mover assumes liability for no more than $0.60 per pound per item.

Make sure you understand all the liability options offered by each moving company before you sign any contract.

How Will You Prevent Damage?

On moving day, you want to minimize the amount of damages that may occur. And you shouldn’t be solely concerned with damages to your possessions. Professional movers must avoid damaging your current property and your new property as well. What measures will they take to keep every little thing in great condition?

Moving blankets, corner guards, carpet films, and other protective materials can help minimize property and material damages. The best movers will also provide packing services to skillfully pack specialty items and keep them from breaking during transit. An expert mover will have measured doorways, stairways, and elevators in advance to know how to best move your things out as safely as possible. Make sure your preferred movers call upon these methods on your moving day.

How Do You Handle Disputes, Complaints, Or Claims?

In a best-case scenario, your moving day will be seamless, easy, and worry-free. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always play out like that. If a problem arises, you might feel the need to file a complaint or claim against your movers. Do you know how they might react to your complaint?

Some movers will deal with all of their complaints in a composed manner until a compromise is reached. Other movers may not be so friendly and accommodating. Those movers may drag out your conflict in the courts or with a mediator. You definitely don’t want a minor dispute to play out long after you’ve moved into your new home.

Make sure you ask each moving company about their policy for resolving complaints or claims against them. If your movers are willing to resolve issues in a satisfactory manner, you might’ve found the right movers!

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