Tuesday, 29 May 2018 16:33

Save Money On Moving Day: How To Avoid A Price Change

Some of the best advice we can offer to clients who are preparing for a move is to ask questions. There is no such thing as too many! You want to make an informed choice each time you make a decision regarding your move. Ensuring that you are informed about what your moving estimate includes can help you avoid any up-charges at the end of moving day.

Even when you have asked all the right questions, there are still some other things you'll want to avoid in order to prevent additional fees.

Be Ready On Time

When you schedule movers, you want to start off on the right foot by being prepared for your movers when they arrive. Make sure all of your boxes are packed and packed correctly and everything is prepared to be moved into the truck.

Provide Accurate Inventory

You want to provide your movers with an accurate inventory, including how many boxes you have, any unboxed items, such as furniture, and any items that require special care. Adding extra boxes or furniture last minute can add extra costs to your original estimate.

Not adding additional items during a move can be hard to avoid. In order to ensure that you don't get charged for items that were forgotten or didn't quite fit, pack and move anything that didn't make the final inventory list for your moving estimate yourself.

Communicate Additional Supplies Needed

Make sure that you discuss with your movers what additional services or supplies you'll need to be provided. Will you need them to do any packing for you? Do you need moving blankets to protect your belongings? Does any furniture need to be disassembled to be moved? You want to factor all of these elements into your initial conversations with your movers so that you don't blindside your movers with additional work and your movers don't blindside you with additional fees.

While keeping your belongings in your drawers can be a great moving hack when you're working alone, many moving companies will not move full furniture. Make sure that your furniture has been emptied before your movers get there to avoid any time delays or fees for extra work and packing supplies.

Streamline Your Route

Make sure that you eliminate any additional stops on your moving route. Not only that but also provide your movers with explicit directions to your new home or your storage unit so that there are no detours due to faulty GPS systems.

Secure Parking

Many cities require special permits for moving vans to take up more than one parking spot or be in an area for an extended period of time, so to avoid parking tickets, you'll want to get in contact with whoever manages your property or parking to get that permit secured. Additionally, you can secure parking nearby an entrance and an elevator to make your move much easier.

Communicate With Your New Property

Make sure that you're familiar with your property's moving guidelines. If there are certain times or locations that are reserved for moving, you'll want to ensure that you adhere to the requirements so that your movers aren't prevented from unloading your belongings. This can result in storage and re-delivery fees and can be easily prevented.

With these tips, your move can be hassle and surprise-free. When you know what your moving estimate includes, you can avoid any costly additions to your original budget. Get a moving estimate from the pros at Amazing Moves here and prevent a cost change on moving day.