Thursday, 29 November 2001 17:00

Save Your Security Deposit

It is important to note that you will have to be a little proactive to ensure the best results when it comes to your security deposit. Follow these move in tips to set yourself up for success.

1. Take pictures when you move in.

Typically, your landlord or property manager will provide you with a checklist to work through. Here is where you can mark any pre-existing damage in your apartment or rental unit. Take it seriously! You can save yourself money in the long run by spending a little time initially. Take detailed pictures of your unit, including the damages you mark on your checklist.

2. Get familiar with your lease.

Every property is different in their cleaning and maintenance requirements for tenants. Do you have to get the carpet professionally cleaned before moving out? Are you allowed to hang things with nails as long as you leave the holes to be patched by property staff? Double and triple check your lease so you know what to expect up front.

While you are living in your apartment or rental unit, you will make moving out much easier if you regularly clean and maintain your space. A year-long lease can feel like a lifetime if it’s never been vacuumed after 12 months. When it does come time to move out the best thing you can do is clean. And then clean again.

3. Clean your apartment from top to bottom.

Literally, start at the top. This way you are not letting dust or dirt fall onto freshly swept floors. Look for holes and nicks in the walls and patch them up with a little spackle, spot treat stains or scuffs on your floors. Pick up some appliance cleaners at your local supermarket and make dishwasher, garbage disposal and even oven cleaning easy.

Check to make sure your drains in your sinks and showers are working smoothly, if they are not drain cleaning gel is a quick fix. Lastly, take a vacuum attachment to your vents and get any last bits of dust out.

4. Schedule a walk-through with your landlord.

Don’t hand over your keys just yet! Schedule a walk-through with your landlord a few days before you move out (in case you have to make any additional fixes) and have them point out potential damage charges to you. If your landlord is too busy, you can request the check out list which will help you key in on those details that your landlord will be looking for to ensure you did not miss anything.

And finally…

5. Be sure to provide accurate forwarding information so your returned security deposit gets straight back to you.