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5 Signs You Have Found the Best Denver Movers for You

It's no secret that a moving company can be a game-changer on moving day. And obviously, you'll want the best service for your family's big day. But finding the best Denver movers isn't always a simple or straightforward process.

Every move is different. That begs the question: How can you find the right movers for your needs?

It ultimately boils down to your research. Take an hour or two to start compiling a list of local moving companies. Make sure you look out for these key signs when comparing those businesses.

How to Tell You've Found the Best Denver Movers

1. A Full-Service Moving Experience

Moving into a new home is a substantial undertaking. Between the tedious planning and packing processes, you have a million other tasks to check off your list. To save yourself time, energy, and effort, it's best to look for professional full-service movers.

What does "full-service" mean? Your moving professionals will handle every part of the moving process for you. This includes:

  • Moving services - Handling the loading, transportation, and unloading of your possessions.
  • Packing services - Disassembling and reassembling furniture, and systematically packing and unpacking all of your items. They will also provide all of the necessary packing supplies (e.g., moving boxes, moving blankets, plastic wrap, etc.).
  • Storage services - Temporary climate-controlled storage units to house items as needed.

A full-service move means you won't need to lift a finger on moving day. Your professional movers will handle the heavy lifting, so you can save time, energy, and effort.

2. Top-Rated Customer Service

When it comes to moving, one of your top priorities should be customer service. Why? For several reasons:

  • You're on a tight moving timeline. Any delays caused by your movers can throw your entire moving plan into chaos.
  • Your residential movers are literally handling your things. One misstep could cause priceless heirlooms and other possessions to become lost or broken.
  • You're hiring movers to reduce your stress and headaches. Poor customer service will ultimately increase your stress and anxiety.

Take time to evaluate the customer service skills of a given moving company. Read through customer reviews on third-party platforms like Google, Yelp, and the BBB. Those testimonials may provide helpful insights.

Once you start to request estimates, use those opportunities to vet your movers' customer service skills even further. How do they respond to questions? Are they friendly and responsive? Or do they practice aggressive sales tactics?

3. Offer Binding Estimates

There are three basic types of moving estimates (

  • Non-binding estimates
  • Binding estimates
  • Binding not-to-exceed estimates

The main difference between them is that non-binding estimates are not "set in stone." The price of non-binding estimates is likely to change depending on theactual weight of the move.

Binding estimates guarantee that the customer will pay exactly what they were originally quoted. Binding not-to-exceed estimates (also called "guaranteed not-to-exceed") are similar but have one key difference. In a not-to-exceed estimate, the customer won't be charged extra if their shipment exceeds the weight of their original quote.

Movers will be very clear about what type of estimate you're receiving. If your movers offer a binding estimate right from the start, you can rest easy knowing you've found skilled movers.

4. They're ProMovers

Another key sign of a reputable and reliable moving company is if they have a ProMover distinction.

The top movers in Denver will be members of the American Moving and Storage Association. However, the best of the best within that network will have become ProMovers. This is a special certification that's applied to the top moving companies that demonstrate high standards of excellence and service.

The ProMover distinction gives consumers an easy way to separate reputable and professional moving services from the pack.

5. Multiple Accreditations

When conducting your research, look for companies with numerous accreditations. Moving businesses will typically display those accreditations proudly on their website because they demonstrate their quality and reliability.

At the bare minimum, make sure your movers are BBB-accredited. But keep your eyes peeled for any other accreditations and certifications.

Get An Estimate from the Best Denver Movers

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