Monday, 30 October 2017 10:32

Small Space Hacks: Organization For Tiny Apartments

Small Space Hack #1: Peg Boards

This is a truly genius option for rental units that don't allow nail holes in the wall or have a more industrial interior made of brick or cement. A storage option that is usually reserved for the garage can be repurposed to make the interior of your home functional, beautiful or both. If you have limited cabinet space in your kitchen or pantry, a pegboard is a great small space hack to help take advantage of areas you can't otherwise use, like the backsplash or inside of cabinet doors. It can also be used to add shelving to a wall that does not accommodate screws or nails. It can increase your usable storage or add a fun, focal piece to your small space.

Small Space Hack #2: Cut It In Half

This idea is both practical and unique. Whether you need a table in the entryway to toss your mail and keys on when you come home or a nightstand that does not monopolize the entire bedroom, cutting a piece right down the middle works wonders! With this small space hack, you are not limited to the ultra-modern slim designs for narrow hallways or clunky pieces that just don't work in a space. When you cut the surface area in half, this entry table or nightstand makes a great accent piece for any style. It does not take up too much space in a small apartment but still serves its purpose for storage or functionality.

Small Space Hack #3: New Life In Dead Space

There is a lot of space that often goes unused because we don't quite know what to do with it. Think about your closet or your pantry – there are likely shelves or hanging rods across the back of the room and then empty wall space on either side. You can install smaller shelves or hooks on that empty wall space for your spice racks or other necessities like plastic bags or foil. This small space hack helps you keep all of your kitchen items together, organized and easy to get to.

Another area where dead space can be maximized is above the door. In a small bathroom or closet, you can install a floating shelf right above the door to store anything from towels and extra linens to cleaning supplies.

These small space hacks are not only practical but also affordable, helping you maximize square footage in a small apartment. There is no need for pricey or complicated storage systems when you get creative with your space in your new Denver home.