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Spring Cleaning Series – Best Kitchen Storage Solutions

Warmer weather is right around the corner and with springtime comes the urge to get organized. Our Denver movers have the best tips and tricks for getting your spring cleaning off on the right foot. In our Spring Cleaning series, we are sharing our favorite storage solutions that will keep you organized all year round. First up – the best kitchen storage ideas around.

#1 Stop The Sliding

If you hate digging through drawers looking for the missing lid to the food storage container you want to use or the pot that is just the right size for the meal you are preparing, then you're in luck. A pegboard is the answer to transforming your drawers into the best kitchen storage solution.

Say you want to organize your food storage container drawer. First, separate your containers by size. Then cut down a pegboard to fit the dimensions of your drawer and place it flat on the bottom of the drawer. Using the vertical rods, create custom sections that fit each container size. You can add an additional narrow section adjacent to each container section to store the lids. Voila! You never have to search for the right size or shape storage container again.

The rods keep everything in the drawer stationary, so no matter how many times a drawer is opened or closed, all of your dishes stay right where they are supposed to be. Throughout the process of creating the pegboard storage, you also have the opportunity to get rid of the dishes or storage containers that you no longer use, making this one of the best kitchen storage solutions for spring cleaning.

#2 De-clutter Your Open Shelving

Open shelving has become an increasingly popular interior design trend over the years and appears in nearly every kitchen. If your home is one with open shelving, then we have got the best kitchen storage idea for you. While open shelving can be beautiful, it is a trend lends itself to clutter. Get the best of both worlds with this upscale trend by using high-quality storage containers to keep your items organized. Whether you want distressed, woven baskets, or sleek, industrial bins, adding containers to keep your items contained creates a clean look and feel that is both attractive and functional.

There is so much flexibility with this kitchen storage idea – it can be dressed up or dressed down to fit seamlessly into the décor that already exists in your kitchen. Decorative labels can be added so you know what is inside of each container without having to pull it out or you can make your shelves pull out for easy access. Whichever way you decide to implement this idea, it is definitely one of the best kitchen storage solutions we can think of!

#3 It's Okay To Be A Little Lazy

The pantry might be the easiest place in the house to transform into a black hole – the groceries you put in there disappearing for months on end only to be found later with no recollection of what you bought the item for. Sound familiar? To us too. This new take on a lazy susan has to be one of the best kitchen storage hacks out there.

Rather than your standard lazy susan that tends to drop items into the depths of the back corner of a cabinet, you can easily install individual, rotating shelves into the corner of your traditional pantry shelving. It is easy for items to get shoved into the back corner and forgotten, but with the lazy susan style shelves, you can have eyes on all the items in your pantry at all times.

#4 Signed, Sealed, Delivered – I'm Organized

Mail can be a hassle to keep organized and over time adds clutter to your countertops as they fill with coupons you'll use later and invitations that don't make it to the fridge. We think this is one of the best kitchen storage solutions because it provides an organization system to a clutter-causer that is often forgotten.

Take a look around your kitchen and find a cabinet edge that serves as empty vertical space. You can use baskets, magazine holders, filing containers, or any other sort of storage container to create a filing system for your mail. A great spot for you filing system if it works with the layout of your kitchen is right above your garbage can. With this placement, the garbage (or recycling) can serve as an additional storage system. As you sort your mail into the correct bins, the mail you're not interested in keeping can go straight into the trash or recycling without any additional steps.

The Best Kitchen Storage Solutions Make Spring Cleaning Easy

Whether your kitchen needs a complete overhaul or just a few minor touch-ups, these kitchen storage solutions will make your spring cleaning a breeze. Not only that, but they can help you stay organized all year round by improving the overall functionality of your kitchen.

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