Monday, 16 April 2018 10:10

Spring Cleaning Series – Creative Ideas For Garage Storage In Denver

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and get organized before the summer heat makes it unbearable. Next up in our spring cleaning series, we are talking all things garage organization. Over the cold winter months, your garage has likely attracted an excess of dirt, salt, and clutter. As the chilly weather breaks, it is time to break out the cleaning supplies and start your entry into your home off on the right foot with an organized garage. We've got the best solutions for creative storage in Denver, you won't want to miss them.

#1 Take The Mudroom Outside

If you take spring cleaning as seriously as we do, your garage is not the only part of your house being cleaned. This solution is perfect for storage in Denver because the community loves to be outdoors and when you have a clean house, you love the outdoors to stay outside.

Creating a built-in mudroom in your garage, rather than in your house keeps the dirt outside, making it easier for your spring cleaning to last. Whether it is just you and a simple hook and bin will suffice or you have a family full of kids who will each need their own section to keep their belongings, there are a number of different options to keep your garage organized and keeping dirt out of your home.

#2 Give Your Planter Boxes A Dual Purpose

A necessity for Colorado residents are lawn chairs – you've got to have something for the patio hangouts, camping getaways, and late night bonfires! What this means is that you also need a solution for your lawn chair storage here in Denver. Not to worry because we've got the answer for you.

You can re-purpose store bought planter boxes or you can build your own with 2 by 4s to create storage for your lawn chairs. You will need to ensure that the boxes have enough depth to keep your lawn chairs upright, but when they are collapsed, this solution keeps all of your chairs together in one convenient place. Better yet – it is easy to get your chairs in and out of the boxes so there is no hassle with lawn chair storage in Denver.

#3 Using Otherwise Unusable Space

Sports balls, especially for families who have kids that are actively using them, can be a big hang up in an organized garage. Many homes in the downtown area have limited extra storage space, so making the most of your storage in Denver is a must. The space in between garage doors and between garage doors and the wall often goes to waste, but with two boards and a few bungee cords, you can create a DIY ball cage that maximizes the use of all of your space.

Not only does this storage solution utilize space that may otherwise be deemed unusable, it is also easy to see everything that is stored within. Young kids will have no trouble getting the soccer ball they want to play with, even when it is buried beneath a bunch of other balls. Even better is how easy it is to put the sports balls back when they are done being used.

#4 Folding Is Your Friend

Maybe not when you're talking about piles of laundry, but when it comes to garage storage in Denver, this is a winning solution. Especially if your garage has minimal extra space, a folding workbench makes perfect sense for functional storage. Attaching a hinge and movable L-brackets to the table allows you to fold it up when it is in use and lay it flat against the wall when it is not.

You can fasten a peg board above for easy access to tools when the table is in use while still maintaining relatively minimal space usage. This is the perfect option for a garage that requires flexibility and versatility.

#5 A Fairy Tale Ending

The final solution for effective garage storage in Denver is the storybook pegboard. If you are limited in wall space, this solution is for you. Frame small pegboards and attach hinges to one side. Attach them to the wall with gaps in between each board to allow you to turn the boards just like you would turn the pages of a book. This gives you front and back tool storage without taking up a large amount of wall space, so everything is just an arm's length away. Talk about functionality!

The Best Garage Storage In Denver

By the time you're done with your spring cleaning, your garage will be the envy of all of your neighbors. These storage solutions will help you create a garage that operates at peak function and is easy to keep organized all year round.

Stay tuned for more installations of our Spring Cleaning series and get organized with Amazing Moves.