Monday, 25 November 2019 11:34

Want A Successful Move? Consider Moving Companies With Storage Options

If you’re moving to a new home, then let us extend our very sincere congratulations! You’re about to embark on a new and invigorating experience that will reshape your life. Nothing gives your new life chapter the best start quite like a successful move. To ensure that success, you’ll need to plan out just about every aspect of your move. As you plan it all out, don’t forget to consider moving companies with storage options. The additional storage options can come in handy during drastic situations. These crucial questions can help you decide if your move needs a moving company with storage options or not.

How Much Stuff Will You Be Moving?

Before you move, it’s important to get a good understanding of what you own. Over time, we accumulate tons of possessions and we all tend to forget exactly how much stuff we own. We pack things away in the attic, we store things away in the garage, and we stop noticing each individual possession. You might be surprised by how many things your family actually owns.

Before your more, you’ll probably donate or sell your unwanted items. A garage sale can make a dent, but your family will still have plenty of stuff to pack for your move. You might have too much stuff for just one trip! Imagine if you were on a tight moving deadline and you grossly underestimated the amount of stuff you own.

If your home currently has a ton of stuff, you absolutely need to consider moving companies with storage options. The extra storage option can help you stay on track with your moving deadline and avoid horrible mistakes.

Are You Prepared For Any Unexpected Delays?

Moving can get complicated very quickly. Even with a master checklist, there might be things that you’ve completely forgotten about. Surprises can come up fast and you never know what might get in the way of a successful move. Is your family fully prepared for any bumps in the road? Any number of things could happen suddenly and delay your move! Are you prepared if:

  • The seller backs out of the sale unexpectedly.
  • There’s a sudden family emergency right before the move.
  • Inclement weather makes your move entirely impossible.

This is where moving companies with storage options can come in handy. By combining moving and storage services, your movers can seamlessly move your items into storage upon your request. This way you don’t have to scramble and find a storage facility while your move is underway. Most moves go off without a hitch. However, you never know what will happen leading up to your move. You don’t want your personal possessions to be in limbo when things go wrong. It’s better to prepare for it now so you minimize the potential trouble later.

Do You Need To Save Money?

Everyone knows that moving is a costly process. From the downpayment on your new home to buying necessary packing materials, moving costs can add up quick. Many people try to save money wherever possible during their move. A self-storage locker often has an economical appeal when you need to store your stuff. But, you might not get the biggest bang for your buck at self-storage facilities.

The average price for a self-storage unit in Denver is almost $80 per month. Moving companies with storage options offer better flexibility with those storage costs. At Amazing Moves, we can securely store your personal possessions starting at $60 per month. That’s a large difference in cost, especially if you need to store your stuff for longer than a month. We take those cost savings one step further than other moving companies with storage options. At Amazing Moves, we can also offer monthly discounts depending on how much stuff you want to store.

Do You Want To Simplify Your Move?

It’s your move! You can coordinate every aspect of your move exactly how you want to. If you want to pay for both a moving company and for self-storage, then go for it! There’s nothing wrong with that approach. You’ll just need to consider how that coordination will impact your move.

In this scenario, your movers will just have to endure additional process step. The moving company will have to drive to a separate storage facility to pick up your stuff and move all of it. This can turn into a costly extra step in your moving process. It will take the movers more time to get your stuff and navigate the sharp corners of that self-storage place. It will eat up time and it’s just one extra piece to coordinate with your movers and your storage facility. Moving companies with storage options can help you avoid this time-wasting situation.

At Amazing Moves, we keep our storage vaults on company property. This drastically minimizes the down-time for our movers. When everything is in the same place, it becomes much easier to load up all of your stuff and get the move started. With less wasted time, your move will become much more efficient, seamless, and less expensive.

Move With One Of The Best Moving Companies With Storage Options

No moving service in Denver can outmatch Amazing Moves. We’re one of the best moving companies with storage options in the Denver area. We offer our storage services to give you some peace of mind during your complicated move. From your larger items to your smaller stuff, we can store it all. We’re very proud of our storage capabilities and we’re positive that our storage options can greatly benefit your move.

Are you ready to ensure that your move is a resounding success? Then it’s time to call in the professionals. Contact Amazing Moves today and learn why we’re one of the best moving companies with storage options in Denver.