Sunday, 03 May 2015 16:09

Tips for Packing and Moving Unique Items

Here are some tips for packing and moving a few unique items.


China sets usually include dinner plates, smaller plates, saucers, teacups, and miscellaneous items (gravy boats, etc.). In general you will need a mid-sized box and clean newsprint paper. You can also use newspaper but this can get very messy as the ink rubs off on items and hands.

First, create a cushion at the bottom of the box with the newsprint. Then start with the large plates. Wrap each one individually and then take them in sets of two or three and wrap them again. Place them in the box on their side rather than flat. Create a layer of plates and top this with a cushion layer using crumpled newsprint. Wrap teacups and the miscellaneous items individually and gently place them in another, second layer using the heavier items first. If space permits do another layer at the top with the lightest items (e.g. teacups). Don’t create more than four layers.


Separate the lamps from the shades and pack them separately. Each lamp stand should be shipped vertically (straight up) using taller boxes if necessary. Wrap the bases in newsprint and then surround them with crumpled newsprint to keep them in place and vertical. Resist the temptation to add in random heavy items although small pillows and similar cushion-like items can be added if space allows.

Lamp shades should be wrapped individually in newsprint but feel free to then nest them with other shades. Again pack and ship the shades vertically (not on their side) so the edges don’t get crushed or bent.

Electronics and desktop computers

If you had the foresight (and storage space) to save the original packaging for your computers, printers, small televisions and other electronic equipment, congratulations! Reuse this packaging and then save it for the next move!

If not, don’t worry. Use a sturdy box and then cushion the bottom with bubble wrap or a towel. Wrap the item in newsprint and then place in the box, surrounding it with more cushioning material so that the box is full—top to bottom and side to side. Label it as electronics so that you’ll remember not to stack anything heavy on top of it.