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Saturday, 04 July 2015 16:16

Tips For Packing Your Clothes

Packing your clothes can be one of the most effortless tasks of your whole moving experience…if you do it right.

For starters...

Moving is an opportunity to rid yourself of many of the clothes you don’t wear. When you’re packing, ask yourself if you’ve worn a particular outfit within the past year. If the answer is no, you may want to put it in a separate box to donate to Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Packing A Dresser...

If you have a small/light dresser, you can simply leave your clothes in it. Clothes are usually light, so leaving them in their respective drawers doesn’t add much weight to the furniture. When tmovers arrive they will wrap the dresser in a moving blanket and move the dresser with all the clothes inside. If you have any concerns about the structural integrity of the dresser, then the clothing should be removed. Any loose items, such as pens, and spare change should be removed from dressers (and any/all other furniture for that matter).

Packing A Closet...

If you have clothes that hang, you can use wardrobe boxes to move your clothes and avoid wrinkling. These boxes act as a cardboard closet, with a bar inside for hangers. You can order wardrobe boxes ahead or ask your moving company to send some with the crew on move day.

Packing Boxes...

Start by filling your suitcases with clothes. You’re going to have to move them anyway, so make them useful instead of taking up empty space in the moving truck. Pack the remainder of your clothes in 4’x4’x4’ boxes.

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